Come on in to the Mayan Sites! By: STEVEN PUN

Where did they live?- Most of them had lived in the southern-central area of Mexico. The lowlands had lived in farms and such, as to the highland cities they lived in much better buildings such as pyramids or temples.

Their Religion- Their religions are another reason you should want to come and visit the sites because their temples and such. They did not honor one god or such they had different gods for different things, and they had built temples and such to honor these gods individually. They had things such as the sun god, the earth god, etc.

Art and Architecture-This was important to the Mayans designs because most of their art were based off buildings or they had put lots and lots of time into their buildings. Their art was put inside and based around the houses and the areas where they focused on more was the main living space, or the patio.


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