Daily life of Christina Campbell By Nitika Subramanian

This clay pot was a cooking tool used by the Powhatan. The pot itself was made from sticky clay from the sea beds .The way they used it for cooking was unique. They would take hot coals from a nearby fire, and put them near the pot which allowed the food inside to heat up. This method was a good method, as too much heat could break the pot and burn the food and this allowed the Powhatan to control the heat through subtracting or adding hot coals. This was important because the Powhatan could not afford to waste food as they were sustenance farmers.
This outdoor exhibit is a recreation of the biggest of the 3 English ships that came to Virginia, the Susan Constant. The Susan Constant was the ship carrying sailors and the 54 passengers. The boat was a merchant boat not a war boat, which shows the purpose of the settlement. It shows the purpose of the Jamestown settlement, trading and profit.
Today I spent time at the tavern. This building has been the home of my tavern as well as my home for quite some time, however I plan on moving closer to the Capital so I can get more business. This building has many rooms. Some of them are for my own use, while others are for tavern guests. At my tavern if you pay extra you can get your horse watered and fed, as well as you can eat and stay at the tavern . I hope to move the tavern closer to the Capital to get more business as many gentry go to the Capital and need a place to stay. Gentry pay well, so the tavern will become more successful.
Today I walked by the Randolph's house. I noticed that they had a garden. Their garden is similar to a garden I keep at the back of my tavern. I grow food here to cook for the tavern, but most of my food comes from the market. My slaves tend to the garden and often eat food from it. This garden is important because it provides some food for the tavern and my slaves.
Today I visited the house of Peter Pellingham, the jailer. His house is a nice house. It has glass windows and wooden floors. It is quite large, considering Peter Pellingham is a middling. His wife and I chatted in their parlor, which has a lot of space and a warm fireplace. I was able to get a peek at their bedroom, which has a bed, a dresser and a fireplace. I have always found beds with canopies quite breathtaking, and I would love to have a bed like that. I enjoyed seeing a different place, with so many luxuries.
Today I visited the wig shop. When I walked into the wig shop, I noticed the variety of hair. Wigs were everywhere. I smelt the scent of powder. I heard the chatter of customers, some of gentry level and other middlings . I looked around at the variety of wigs. I saw a huge silver wig and admired its beauty. That particular wig, could cost a year or two of my work. I looked at the less fine, but still expensive wigs. One of them which was brown, cost a little more than 2 pounds. I could get some land for that amount of money. Those wigs, however are not for me. They are far too expensive, for me. I buy ringlets. They are way cheaper than wigs, but give the appearance of a wig so I can be in fashion. The wig shop is often a waste of money, but it is fashion.

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