Between a Rock and a Hard place By christian THompson

Book Summary

The book ¨Between a rock and a Hard Place¨ is an amazing story about survival and scarefice. The main character, Aron Ralston goes mountain climbing alone in Blue Jon Canyon. The setting is very important because its where the whole book takes place at. The setting plays a big role in the story because it stays the same throughout the whole story. The only items he brings with him are a couple of water bottles, a multi purpose pocket knife, 10 protein bars, and a radio.


Aron Ralston is a round character and the main character in the story. Throughout the book he changes physically and emotionally.

Kristi and Meghan are 2 girls that Aron met in the mountains on his hike. They are flat minor characters in the story.


Their are many conflicts in the story but they are all cause by one main. The main conflict is that Aron gets stuck literally between a rock and a hard place while hiking. This is both an internal and external conflict. Its an external conflict because his arm is stuck under a rock and he can not break free unless he cuts his arm off. Its also an internal conflict as well because he is almost positive that he is going to die.

Authorś Purpose

The author persuades the reader to think about sacrifice and makes you think about what you would do if you were in his situation. He informs the reader by letting them know whats going on and informs then on what the main character Aron is thinking or feeling. The author makes it entertaining by keeping the reader at the edge wanting to dive in and read more.

Key Scene

A key scene that happened in ¨Between a Rock and a Hard Place¨ was when Ralston started to cut him arm off. This is an important part of the book because it is Ralsonś one and only escape plan. He knows that the only way he can break free is if he cuts off his own arm.

Style and Tone

The style and tone in the story is serious and descriptive about certain points in the story. He puts in a great amount of effort and detail into his writing so that the reader can understand whats going on in the book but he also likes to keep the reader on edge of whats gonna happen.


My own personal connection to this story is sacrifice. The biggest connection I have with this story is when that ive had a body part cut off as well. I got my thumb smashed in a car door and during surgery they had to cut it off and stitch it back one. Ive never had one as big as cutting my arm off but ive had sacrifices. ive had to make such as getting my phone back or hanging with friends, watching my sister and earning money or studying, ect.

My Rating of ¨Between a Rock and a Hard Place¨

I really liked this book because it was a very serious and real story about sacrifice and survival but their were parts he could of left out that were irrelevant and could have made the story move faster. My over all rating of the book would be a 9 out of 10.

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