Florida Museum of Natural History Jake Baumel

Nature on Display

Me at the South Florida and People Environments exhibit

I found the South Florida People and Environments exhibit to be the most appealing. What made the design of the exhibit appealing is the fact I was able to truly understand the living conditions of the Calusa people. Instead of looking at a piece of history through a glass window, I felt like I was visiting the Calusa’s homeland. What made me feel like I was going back in time were the trees and birds all around the exhibit, as well as the sound effects, making me feel I wasn't at an ordinary museum. Reading about the history of the Calusa people at the exhibit, I envisioned what it must have been like to have a lifestyle like the Calusa tribe. I learned how much society has been progressing rapidly after reading about these people’s lifestyles. From being at the museum, I was able to put everything in my life to the side and enjoy everything that was in front of me including learning about the Calusa tribe and how they survived back then with their scarce resources.

Nature and Ethics

Me at the Butterfly Rainforest

The Natural History Museum did provide me the opportunity to experience nature the way that Leopold recommended. As I was walking through the Butterfly Rainforest, I knew I just wasn’t walking into some ordinary exhibit; I was visiting the butterfly’s own world. Considering today was my first time ever at a butterfly garden, I was in awe how butterflies interact with each other, which totally changed my perception of them. The people next to me at the butterfly garden must’ve been in awe as well, due to the fact they stopped every few feet to photograph butterflies and their surroundings. Again, the Museum allowed others to connect with nature due to the fact people were able to feel like they were in the exhibit, not just looking at artifacts through a glass window. People felt like they were part of the history.

Me at the Northwest Florida exhibit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives because it truly gives visitors the sense and feeling that they’re visiting ancient Florida, allowing the viewers to think about the dramatic change society has witnessed with our natural world. Another reason why I believe the museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives is because of change. Visiting a museum is a new experience for a lot of people, so I’m sure the change in scenery of being at a museum shocked a lot of people due to the fact visitors are able to have a glimpse of Florida from centuries ago. The museum strongly helps us understand the majesty of the natural world by paving a new respect for the environment and how it’s up to us to protect the natural environment. Lastly, we were able to see the beauty of the environment and how much impact society has had on the environment.

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