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Before the USCIS, the INS, Immigration and Naturalization Service, oversaw the immigration process since the 1930s, when the Bureau of Immigration and Bureau of Nutralization combined.

Homeland Security Act of 2002 created the USCIS to "enhance the security and efficiency of national immigration services."

In 2003, the USCIS assumed responsibility for the US federal government immigration services.


James McCament, Acting Director

Tracy Renaud, Acting Deputy Director


Goals/Mission Statement

Strengthening the security and integrity of the immigration system.

Providing effective customer-oriented immigration benefit and information services.

Supporting immigrants’ integration and participation in American civic culture.

Promoting flexible and sound immigration policies and programs.

Strengthening the infrastructure supporting the USCIS mission.

Operating as a high-performance organization that promotes a highly talented workforce and a dynamic work culture.


Citizenship (including Related Naturalization Process)

Immigration of Family Members

Working in US

Verifying an Individual’s Legal Right to Work in the United States

Humanitarian Programs


Civic Intergration




Department of Homeland Security

Over these US Directorates and Program Offices

Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)

Customer Service and Public Engagement Directorate

Field Operations Directorate

Fraud Detection and National Security

Lockbox Intake

Office of Citizenship

Office of Communications

Office of Legislative Affairs

Office of Privacy


Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations Directorate

SAVE Program

Service Center Operations Directorate


In 2005, the USCIS faced the challenge of modernizing information technology. The paper-based processes where becoming a waste of time, expense, and effort. It became harder to ship, track, and report files. These inefficiencies led the USCIS to begin the challenge of modernizing their information technology, with the Department of Homeland Security proposing a ten year plan.

In 2013, they had a hiccup in the process of transitioning to the electronic filing system. It cost them over 3 billion dollars, and caused them to expand from a single contractor to multiple contractors.

Under Trump's Prsidency, Jeb Sessions has worked to give tasks that what used to be under the Department of Homeland Security to the Justice Department.

The recent attempt of the passsage of the travel ban has posed a challenge for the USCIS.



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