Enjoy Troy! The Hidden Curriculum, Episode 7a | Fall 2020

Now that quarantine has ended, you may find yourself wondering - how can I get groceries and basic supplies delivered, what is some of the best takeout in downtown, how do I get around without a car? No worries, the Hub has you covered!

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1) RPI Shuttle: The shuttle takes you all throughout campus and is free to use! There are two separate routes - east and west. Current shuttle capacity is 9 students. Route maps and schedules can be found at the link below!

2) CDTA Buses: The Capital District Transit Authority (CDTA) buses can take you all throughout the Capital District. You can ride for free with your RPI ID card. Bus schedules and routes can be found at the link below.

3) CDPHP Cycle: This program is a bike share/rental program with many locations throughout Troy. You can pick up the bike and drop off at different locations. This is not only a great way to get around, but it is also a great form of outdoor exercise! Membership is free for students.

4) Uber/Lyft: You are likely familiar with these, but both apps are available for rides around the area. This option is not free, but you can easily set up payment through a credit or debit card. The apps themselves can be downloaded for free for both Apple and Android phones from your respective app store.

Grocery and Room Essentials Delivery

If you want to avoid shopping in person, you can order many of the necessities straight to you! If tips and delivery fees add up, get a few friends together, order as a group, and split the cost of delivery.

1) Instacart: This site allows you to order delivery from Market 32 (a Price Chopper brand) and CVS Pharmacy. You can schedule orders in advance or order for delivery ASAP (usually within a few hours). Orders can be placed via desktop or their mobile app.

2) Hannaford to Go: This grocery chain provides their own delivery service through their website. Your first delivery is free, and future deliveries are subject to a flat fee of $10 per delivery. They also can deliver basic necessities like toiletries, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.

3) Target: If you really want to expand the horizons of what can be brought to your door, you can get deliveries from Target via Shipt! A free trial for Shipt lasts 4 weeks, but no membership is required and you can simply pay a delivery fee with each order instead.

Closest Grocery Stores/Convenience Stores/Big Box Stores for In-Person Shopping

All options would require either bus or car transportation unless otherwise noted.

1) Price Chopper: Standard grocery store. Closest location is just over the bridge in Watervilet.

2) Market 32: More upscale version of Price Chopper (housed under the same brand). Closest location is up Hoosick St.

3) Hannaford: Regional grocery store chain and the preferred shopping location of the Hub advisors that live in Downtown Troy.

4) Uncle Sam's Grocery: Small health and natural foods grocery store in Downtown Troy. Very easily walkable from Blitman.

5) Troy Farmer's Market: The farmer's market is available year-round every Saturday in Downtown Troy. It is currently offered outdoors (through October) down in Riverfront Park. This is about a 10 minute walk from Blitman. It historically moves inside to the Atrium in Downtown Troy, but keep an eye on their website to see if anything is different this year.

6) Target: Big box store that carries all of your standard groceries, toiletries, household supplies, clothes, toys, and more! Locations in Latham and East Greenbush, Latham location is closer to campus.

7) Walmart: Same description as Target, closest location is off Hoosick St in Troy.

8) Stewart's: This local, well-loved chain of gas stations has locations all over Troy and has surprisingly good convenience stores attached! You can get fresh local dairy (milk, eggs, cream, etc.), dry goods, some fruits, etc. They also have fantastic ice cream! Closest location is on 5th Avenue, very short walk from Blitman and City Station.

9) Local convenience stores/bodegas There are a bunch of convenience stores throughout Troy within walking distance of various parts of campus for some basic snacks, drinks, and dry goods. Some near campus include XV Street, IBB Deli, and Nite Owl News.


1) Rite Aid: This is closest to campus and tends to be less busy! While the official address is Hoosick Street, the entrance is just off of 2373 Burdett Ave.

2) CVS: The closest location is in Downtown Troy. While the address says 4th Street, the entrance is on 3rd Street across from Spillin' the Beans Coffee. If you choose to go here, try to get in before 5PM as the lines for prescriptions tend to get very long with the after-work rush.

3) Walgreens: This is probably the toughest of the three to access by walking, but the store is quite large and pleasant to shop in.

Food Delivery Apps

1) Mealeo: This is a local service and the preferred option for local restaurants. They charge restaurants and users more ethical fees than the big national groups, and the service tends to be better. If you want food delivered (or to order for pick-up), try starting here!

2) National Apps: Most standard delivery apps work around here! Grubhub, Seamless, UberEats, and DoorDash all work locally. Different apps will sometimes give access to certain restaurants that others don't, so check out a bunch to see what your options are! From anecdotal experience amongst the Hub, Mealeo and DoorDash are the most consistent in actually doing contact-free deliveries when requested.

Troy Restaurants

One of the best parts of our city is the diverse and delicious food available, all within a short distance of campus! The Hub advisors have compiled some classic student favorites and our own personal favorites to give you this list of 10 places to try.

1) K-Plate: Korean street food to-go, founded by an RPI alum! This is one of the most affordable options around, and the food is great. Located in Downtown Troy and ~5 minute walk from Blitman. Available on several delivery apps and for pick up!

2) Bard and Baker: This adorable board game cafe has over 600 games to play once things are back to normal. However, in the meantime, they have delicious food and drink options available for take out! You can pick your food up in person less than a 2 minute walk from Blitman, or order delivery through Mealeo.

Bonus: if you call in your order directly to the restaurant (which we recommend, the owners and staff are some of the nicest you'll ever meet), let them know you are an RPI student to receive a discount. One Hub Advisor STRONGLY recommends their breakfast poutine! [vegetarian/vegan friendly].

3) Muddaddy Flats: A local quesadilla restaurant that can deliver solid quesadillas the size of a dinner plate! Available for pick up and via delivery within a 10 minute walk of Blitman. If you order directly through the restaurant, a 10% student discount is available on the already budget-friendly food. [vegetarian/vegan friendly]

4) Ali Baba: Up on 15th street, this Mediterranean restaurant has some incredibly cheap and delicious options! Take out and delivery both available, order through Mealeo! [vegetarian friendly]

5) Berben and Wolffs: This Downtown Troy restaurant is a fully vegan delicatessen. They love to find ways to deliver more traditional pub foods (mozzerella sticks, poutine, barbecue cheeseburgers, etc.) in vegan-friendly ways. [obviously, vegan and vegetarian friendly]

6) Shalimar: This restaurant provides delicious Indian food at reasonable prices, and the owner is incredibly nice! In your future years at RPI, keep an eye out for the low price all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. In the meantime, you can get pickup or delivery from this Troy favorite! [vegetarian/vegan friendly]

7) Sunhee's Farm & Kitchen: Sunhee's is more than a restaurant, they are a movement! Beyond having incredible and authentic Korean food, they also sell produce from their local farm, teach free English as a Second Language classes for the community, offer low-price Korean Language classes, and focus on providing gainful employment for immigrants and refugees in our area. Enjoy a meal in their outdoor seating, pick up takeout, or order delivery right through their website! [vegetarian/vegan friendly]

8) Lo Porto: A Troy classic with a menu of delicious classic Italian food! Located right downtown and within walking distance of Blitman, this is a prime choice for any special occasion. Since it is more expensive than others on the list, we recommend this for a parent visit or date night! [vegetarian friendly]

9) Nighthawks: This restaurant is relatively new to Troy (2018) but they have quickly become a local favorite! Their mainstay is their delicious burgers ($10-15 range), but they also offer fun and funky farm-to-table specials all throughout the week (a bit more pricey). Their brunch menu is also always a good time! Definitely worth checking out on your own or with a friend! [vegetarian/vegan friendly]

10) The Whistling Kettle: Located in Downtown Troy, this delightful shop has over 100 varieties of tea for sale along with a tasty menu of crepes, paninis, scones, soups, and more! A lovely middle ground, this can be a great place for a relatively affordable takeout meal for yourself OR a nicer meal with parents or a friend. [vegetarian/vegan friendly]

BONUS, Superior Merchandise Company: While the food options are limited, we just couldn't leave this one out. If you want the classiest avocado toast, kind people, and some of the best coffee around, make sure to check them out!

Have a question about where to find something locally that isn't covered in this guide? Reach out to your Hub advisor, all of us have either lived or worked in Troy for several years now!