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Presidential hopeful and favourite Bernie Sanders rolled into Las Vegas for the Nevada Democratic Caucus. A standing room only audience listened and cheered as the candidate presented his views on healthcare, immigration, education, the war on drugs, and the rich among others. The audience was a mixed bag with a large Hispanic presence, with the speakers who came before the senator talking of hardships dealing with immigration and their pursuit of the American dream.

Lines to the event formed early.
All ages attended
Musicians provided entertainment to those in line.
Volunteers asked questions of those in line.
TV and radio were on hand to interview attendees.
The venue was Desert Pines High School. There was a buzz in the air as the hall began to fill.
Among the attendees was Diana. This was the first rally for her and her dog, Bugger. Diana was a featured speaker who told the audience of her journey to the United States in pursuit of a better life.
Housing was a topic up for discussion.
Sanders supporter Stephen.
Trans rights were represented by one student group including Maegan Llerena.
Teachers attended the rally supporting the candidate and his proposals to improve the education system.
New York State Senator Jessica Ramos
Kenny, his clothing covered in heavy metal patches.
With a thank you hug, the candidate took the stage
The press captured the candidate
Supporters behind the podium went wild
He spoke of immigration reforms...
...Ending the war on drugs, legalizing marijuana...
...Medicare for all...
...Making higher education accessible to all.
Volunteers made sure his message was heard by all.
He reminded us that we need to be rid of xenophobic, homophobic president who lies all the time.
His speech was saved by many with their smart phones.
He spoke of much more, touching on childcare, the rich, housing, climate change, and raising the minimum wage to $15.
Eventually his time was over and he left the podium to meet those who had come out to see him.
He shook hands with many.
He chatted with some.
The cafeteria emptied quickly and without incident as many left to gather for a march with the candidate.
The candidate volunteers from far and near, Marysabell came from Virginia.
Lily, too young to vote in this election, helped out with the video.
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