Stock Identification By John Shaw

Topic 1: A stock is a liquid full of flavor made by slowly simmering bones with or without vegetables. This allows for the release of flavors, aromas, and other characteristics to be transferred to dishes. It is considered a chef's "building blocks" as it is used as a base in many soups and sauces. What type of stock is used depends on the dish being cooked and what kind of flavoring it requires.

2. White Stock: This type of stock is characterized by its clear, pale liquid and is made by simmering beef, poultry, or fish bones.

White Stock

3. Brown Stock: This stock is characterized by its amber colored liquid and is primarily by simmering game, veal, beef, or poultry bones.

Brown Stock

4. Court Bouillon: This broth consists of only vegetables and is used to poach fish or vegetables.

Court Bouillon

5. Broth: This golden brown colored liquid is created as a result of simmering meats or vegetables.


6. Au Jus: This dark brown stock is made primarily as a sauce for roasted meats (e.g. French Dipped Sandwiches, roast beef, etc.).

Au Jus

7. Fumet: This stock is often classified as a fish stock due to the similarities between the two, a fumet is a very flavorful stock made by simmering fish bones.


8. Glace: This is sometimes referred to as a "Glaze" and is made by reducing brown stock, chicken stock or fish stock until it has a jelly-like consistency.


9. Remouillage: This is weak stock made from bones that were used in other stocks and is sometimes used as a substitute for water as the liquid in stocks.


10. Vegetable Stock: This type of stock is primarily made using mirepoix, leeks and turnips, but other ingredients such as garlic, tomatoes, or seasonings can be added to enhance the flavors or darken the stock.

Vegetable Stock

11. I believe that stock is an important part of cooking. I've watched my family cook many meals using different kinds of boxed broths and stocks and now that I actually know what it is they were doing I can truly appreciate the flavors of dishes. Stocks enhance the already delicious qualities of foods, such as Beef Dip Sandwiches dipped in Au Jus as well as a large variety of meats and it allows for more flavors to be created in a small amount of space.

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