Allen Eagle Escadrille TWIB Notes August 31-September 6, 2020

Message from Dr. Obado

Below are three important items for this week. Scroll down for more details.

  • NEW TUESDAY EVENING REHEARSAL PROCEDURES: We will have new groups and new skills necessary for success on Tuesday. Please scroll down for important information on our new rehearsal procedures.
  • ELIGIBILITY & GRADES: We have just finished the "1PA" grading period (first three weeks). Please check Skyward grades and be on the lookout for any grades below a 70. Students that have below a 70 in an on-level class after September 18 will be considered ineligible and will not be able to participate in football games and contests.
  • IN-PERSON CLASSES BEGIN ON WEDNESDAY: If you are not a virtual/At-Home student, your first day on campus will be this Wednesday, September 2nd.


Students will be in different groups for the rest of the season. We will have the RED BAND that will meet on the Rugby Field and the BLUE BAND that will meet on the Track Field. These bands will be set at Four-step spacing (7.5 ft) for most of rehearsal. We will combine groups on one field at the end of rehearsals to put things together. Until we get our PPE shipped to us, we will stay in these RED/BLUE bands for the duration of rehearsal.

We will follow the same traffic pattern as last week. Please only use the RUGBY FIELD check-in or TRACK STADIUM check-in.

Here is what you can do to prepare for Tuesday's rehearsal:

  • Understand the parts of the field and how to read a coordinate. See "READING COORDINATE CHARTS" link below.
  • Know your band (Red or Blue) and coordinate. See "BRASS DRILL ASSIGNMENTS" or "WOODWIND DRILL ASSIGNMENTS" link below.
  • Guard and percussion will meet at your regular spots. Mr. Locke and Mr. Singletary will go through your procedures.
  • Know where your drill team block red or drill team block blue spot is for Tuesday evening. You will start on your field in your coordinate using the "DRILL TEAM BLOCK - RED" or "DRILL TEAM BLOCK - BLUE" links below.
  • Download the free app "UDBapp Pro" from your favorite app store. We will register marching band students in the UDBapp in class on Monday or Tuesday.
  • SUMMARY: (1) Know what band (red/blue) you are in. (2) Know what field (Red/Rugby or Blue/Track) to go to on Tuesday. (3) Know how to get to your coordinate on Tuesday.
  • Directors and sections leaders will help as you arrive to rehearsal on Tuesday. The pages below are on the homepage of www.allenband.com. Look for the "Music & Drill" link.

Eligibility & Grades

Check your grades on Skyward TODAY!

We have just completed the end of our 1PA progress reporting for the first quarter. AHS (Non-LFC) students with two or more failures (below a 70) will be assigned Academic Monitoring classes beginning on Wednesday, Sept 2nd during your privilege period.

We will have another progress check at the end of the first 6-weeks on September 18th. If there are any students that have ONE failing grade (below 70) in an on-level course will be considered ineligible and will not be able to attend UIL sponsored performances (games and contests).

In-Person Classes Begin Wednesday, September 2

Just a couple things as we prepare for Wednesday:

LFC Students should go to the "Returning to LFC: In-Person Learning" module in their Connections Class on Canvas for more information.

AHS students should go to your "AHS Student Life" Class in Canvas for more information.

  • All doors at LFC are locked at until 8:25am and AHS until 8:30am.
  • LFC entrance: Bus riders Door 30 & 32 (nearest Greenville). Walkers/Car Riders: Door 8 (by cafeteria).
  • AHS entrance: Main Entrance, PAC Entrance, or Tear Drop. Students may NOT enter from the Band Hall Doors.
  • All AHS/LFC classes report to your band classrooms for logistical overviews (traffic, enter/exit doors, lockers).
  • Your director will tell you on Monday or Tuesday in your virtual class where your band class will meet and if you need instruments for Wednesday.

Three-Week Calendar

  • Sept. 1: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)
  • Sept. 3: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)


  • Sept. 8: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)
  • Sept 8: General Parent Meeting (Virtual)
  • Sept. 10: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)


Sept. 15: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)

Sept. 17: Marching Rehearsal - ALL MARCHING BAND STUDENTS (6-8:30p)

Sept. 19: Band Pictures @ Eagle Stadium (Marching Band Students) - 7:00am

Welcome to the Allen Eagle Escadrille! #MyBand


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