Women Right's Movement by Tatiana Mazariegos

In the history of the United States there have been many social changes that have occurred. Women’s rights is amongst them. The Women's Right's Movement was very significant and important throughout history and continues to this day. Women’s have been discriminated for hundreds of years, in the U.S, but that all started to change in 1848. Since then there has been important events that have had effect on how women are living today, such as the signing of the Declaration of Sentiments, a document signed by men and women in the United States recognizing women’s rights need to be equal to that of mens. Organizations such as the National Women Suffrage Association formed by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, brought women together to fight for this equality. For example, since African Americans were already discriminated beforehand, the start of the women's right movement helped with bringing more than 100 black women groups together. Rosie the Riveter is the women in the “We Can Do It” poster, which represents a strong women as a war production worker which promote political issues. A couple years after the poster was rediscovered in 1980, women were admitted into military schools. By 2016, just last year, women are now allowed to have jobs in armed services as long as they meet the gender neutral performance standards. After all today Women live in the United States free to work, vote, serve their country, be independent , and so much more. There is some sexest discrimination that still goes on but now women are able to defend themselves more than they were able to before.


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