Story telling E-Twinning

A Summer Dream

I was looking at some people doing their work in the fields and I thought that maybe our students do not know about all the work that people used to do and still do in the fields during summer when we are on holiday. So I thought why don't we use an e-twinning project to do some research about the topic? I looked for partners in e-twinning live and here we are!

We started with the project plan and the partners collaborated to decide the main activities ( some activities will be added while in progress), deadlines ecc.

Students and teachers created their avatars.

Then students and teachers created a logo for the project and they chose the best one with Tricider.

Logos created by the students

The students celebrated Halloween and they had a nice chat to get to know each other.

The students started working on Summer activities in the past and in the present and pubblished the summer pictures which were meaningful for them. They were collected in a photobook and in a magazine online.

A while-in-progress activity was the Advent Calendar and Christmas celebrations in each country. Cards were sent from one school to the others.

After Christmas, Saint Valentine was celebrated....

with nice cards
....and Carnival followed......( other while-in-progress activities)

The students exchanged Easter cards and sweets.

Together with the above activities the students searched about the festivities during the summer in each country and we all discovered traditions in our and partners' country.

The students collected all their works in an e-book

QR of our e-book

This is the way we developed our e-Twinning project. It was great fun . We discussed to decide the activities, the deadlines, the tools we had to use and together we prepared the application for the Quality Label.


Thanks to all partners : teachers and students

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