Chesapeake Beach Railroad Trail

Since moving to Chesapeake Beach, you can catch me most mornings walking the Chesapeake Beach Railroad Trail. When it's cooler we bring our Goldens along for the walk. It's a favorite for walkers and joggers alike.

The trail starts as a boardwalk at the Marine West parking lot behind the water park. It continues along the water passing the crab boats and the seagulls and ducks hoping for fish leftovers from the boats. You will also see Ospreys fishing off the boardwalk. The occasional kayak will pass you by on your journey. There are benches that dot the walk allowing you to stop and relax with a great view.

The walkway comes to a walking bridge over Fishing Creek. It's also a great place to stop and watch the boats and wildlife. One side leads you to two of the bigger neighborhoods in Chesapeake Beach. The first exit is to Bay View Hills. The second leads you to Richfield Station.

The other side followed the path the railroad used to come into Chesapeake Beach. The trains brought thousands of vacationers to town every year. This portion of the trail is wooded and ends at a overlook with an amazing view of Fishing Creek. It's really a great spot to stop and relax.

The boardwalk is more than just a great place to walk. It's also being used to grow oysters and clean up Fishing Creek. The town of Chesapeake Beach cultivates oysters in cages right off the boardwalk. You can see the cages at the beginning of the walk. The Oysters are helping to clean the water of the creek. Want to learn more about the process? You can stop at the informational display that shows visitors the different stages. You can also volunteer to help with the yearly process of moving them out of the cage to the bay.

You can see why it's one of my favorite places at the beach.

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