Professional Sports Themed Decor March 2017

Sports fans show their interest and loyalty for their favorite teams and players in a variety of ways. One way is by decorating rooms and spaces in their homes with professional sports themed décor. Decorating with professional sports themed décor is achieved by mixing paint, furniture and decorative items with team logos and colors to create a living space that is aesthetically pleasing to the owner. Bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, “Man Caves”, home bars, entertainment rooms/basements, and any other space in the house can be decorated to show your interest in your favorite sport, team and/or athlete. You can even decorate the exterior of your home and/or your garage to show your loyalty. However, this might make you a fanatic-type fan.

Statistics show that most sports fans (67%) are men. However, this is slowly changing as professional leagues begin to embrace their female fans more by providing gender-specific fan gear and offering other incentives to watch games. The NBA and MLB tie for the least amount of gender equality, with 30% of their fan base being female. In 2013, NFL games accounted for 34 out of the 35 most-watched television shows in the Fall season. Over 100 million people tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year. The NBA Finals generates more than 26 million tweets over the course of at least 4 games. By comparison, the NFL’s Super Bowl generates only 600,000 fewer tweets in just one game. (Source – Brandon Gaille, November 2015)

Theme decorating is decorating using designs, artwork, figurines, colors, and patterns that include characters and items from locations, movies, songs, television shows, company logos, sports teams, historical periods, and cultures that are related, to decorate a room or space. Below are some professional sports themed decorated rooms from baseball's Major League Baseball (MLB), soccer's Major League Soccer (MLS), basketball's National Basketball Association (NBA), football's National Football League (NFL), and ice hockey's National Hockey League (NHL).

Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field

Home bar and entertainment room
Colors - Blue, white, and red
Home of the Chicago Cubs

Phoenix Suns, Talking Stick Resort Arena

Child's bedroom
Colors - Purple, orange, black, white, and gray
Home of the Phoenix Suns

Chicago Bulls, United Center

Small bedroom
Child's bedroom
Colors - Black, white, and red
Home of the Chicago Bulls

Oklahoma City Thunder, Chesapeake Energy Arena

Child's bedroom
Colors - Thunder blue, sunset, yellow, and dark blue
Home of the Oklahoma City Thunder

Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium

In research of which team fans prefer across the country, more NFL fans prefer the Cowboys than any other team. Their geographic reach stretches from California to Florida and up to northern Montana. (Source – Brandon Gaille, October 2015)

Man Cave, entertainment room
Man Cave, entertainment room
Colors - Navy blue, metallic silver, white, royal blue
Home of the Dallas Cowboys

Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field

Ranked #6 in the top 10 most passionate fan bases by, Green Bay Packers fans are referred to as “The Cheeseheads.” As the only “community owned” team in the league, the Green Bay community has extremely strong ties to the team. (Source –, June 2014)

Man Cave, entertainment room
Colors - Dark green, white, and gold
Home of the Green Bay Packers

Toronto Maple Leafs, Air Canada Centre

Child's bedroom
Colors - Blue and white
Home of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field

Ranked #2 in the top 10 most passionate fan bases by, Steelers fans were cited as having the best and most dedicated fan base with 299 straight sellouts. They are famously loud and their “terrible towel” helps distinguish its fans from any other fan base on the planet. (Source –, June 2014)

Colors - Black, white, and gold
Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park

Child's bedroom
Colors - Midnight navy blue, white, and orange
Home of the Detroit Tigers

Los Angeles Galaxy, Stub Hub Center

Child's bedroom
Colors - Navy blue, white, and gold
Home of the Los Angeles Galaxy
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