Patterns in Boots By: haley s. and Addison.L

As you can see short boots have always been popular but long boots were the most popular in the 1960’s. Throughout all the years long boots have been sold everywhere but they haven't been the most popular style of boot. People still bought them but for some reason they have really liked short boots. That what we are trying to figure out and understand what is making people like short boots so much. For this we believe it is popular because of the way people have designed them. They have made a pattern that people can’t resist. As you can see, it is showing that boots are made mostly the same with minaml differences to make them better and match more with the clothes that people were wearing all of the time.

1940's short because dresses and pants were long.
1960 got higher because the shorts and skirts got shorter
1980's we wanted to show more skin
2000's wanted to show more skin
2002's we liked the heel because it looked like there was more skin
2006 comfy and it would show skin
2012 the color made us look better with the skin tone of our legs
2015 showed our skin and looked good with the outfits
2017 liked what the color did to our skin tone and would show our legs more and make us taller

“They have become the winter flip-flop,” said stylist and fashion consultant Kate Schelter, who has worked with brands like Victoria’s Secret and TOMS. “A banal essential that people cling to out of comfort and freezing temperatures.”

If we were to describe the F/W 2016 shoe trends in a few words, what would we say? Well, anything goes! From 70s shapes, extreme maxemism, dainty classics to space-age silhouettes, there’s a trending shoe for all tastes.

But there’s a definite increase in footwear embellishments, heel shape play, all over metallics, and bold animal print & snake materials. Oh, and don’t give away your ankle boots or pointy toe shoes anytime soon. They’re as relevant as ever!

In the future we believe that short boots will still be in style and the most popular because people are becoming more lazy and the less weight that they have have to carry the better for themselves. Also these boots have a very trendy style to them like how the jeans are made and what you can do to them to make them look really good.

the lengths of the boots are different because of the lengths of the shorts, jeans or skirts.

For this, the boots got higher the shorter the pants got, but throughout time we have come to show more skin so the boots are shorter now. Since in the 1940' and 1950's the dresses were long the boots were short, but towards the 1960 and 1970's the pants got shorter so the boot got longer. Then people started wanting to show more skin so they got shorter. The clothes fashion have changed the boots styles and everything. The pattern of the boots have become of what they are now days.

Women feel now that it's okay to show more skin compared to before where you were not a good woman if you showed a lot of skin.

In the future we believe that we will still like short boots because of what we have become as people. shorts are going to get shorter and so will the boots because that is what people like now days and it will only get shorter thought time.


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