India By: Joey leisinger

India could become the most powerful country in the next years. India is now ranked second in total world population the first is china and third is United States. The total population of India is 1.252 billion people and of those people are some of the smartest people in the world. Also lots of those people live in the city because that is where the jobs are. Indias population has the most children in it then any other country. Indias population of children is 20% of the entire worlds population, that means that indias population will get huge and the population will probably be the highest in the world. The main job in India is working In a call center. But before you go into call center training you need about 12 years of education. Most of the people who live in India are illiterate and these people live in rural area. Most of the people who live in urban areas go to school. To work in call center you need to have to be educated in many languages. The name of my call center is corners. In the call center we help people with there technology problems. The training you need is you need to know about technology and you need to know lots of languages and you need to speak them clearly. At the company you get paid by speaking clearly with the caller and helping them fix their problems.


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