lol...OMG! Chapter 5 Kyle Cleaver

Summary - In chapter 5, it talks absolutely your life online, and how anyone can see what you do on social media. Many students post a lot of content not knowing who is watching them. When people end up getting a job or going to college, they can look at your social media accounts and see what choices you have made online. Posting carelessly can give you a bad online reputation, and jobs/colleges wouldn't want you.

Opinion - My opinion of this chapter is that people need to think about what they post online because it could really come back to haunt them. There are many people that have lost a job and got got kicked out of college for posting something stupid online. If people could just think before they click, no one would have to lose their job and wouldn't need to worry about getting caught.

Quote - "As heavy users of social media with nearly constant internet access, students are among the most significant contributors to that massive amount of information." I chose this quote because it is very true that students can do something useful online, such as finding information and distributing it. But because of this access of information, students can also be stupid with it and create an inappropriate post about someone or something.

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