Trench Warfare Survival Guide By Ryden Kreiser

German WW1 Bayonets By Ozzy Delaney is licensed under Creative Commons- Attribution 2.0 Generic

The bayonets were on the end of world war one rifles used for protection. You would want this obviously to be able to defend yourself. This would have proved to been very helpful ("What Was It like").

Berthier Mod. 92-16 By Vasnic64 Licensed Under Creative Commons-Attriution 2.0 Generic

The rifle was paired with the bayonet for a deadly combination during the war. The average soldier was always found with he rifle. All soldiers would rely on this advanced weapon ("What Was It like").

2010-136-1 Entrenching Tool,World War I By Naval History & Heritage Command Licensed Under Creative Commons- Attribution 2.0 Generic

This was used for the digging of trenches for more cover and shelter. Could have been used as both a tool and an up close weapon ("Entrenching Tool").

Gas By frankieleon Licensed Under Creative Commons-Attribution 2.0 Generic

Gas masks were used to protect the lungs and body from lethal gases during World War 1. These got much more advanced through the years and were not very effective back then but definitely a vital component into survival of a trench ("Gas Mask").

Guard dog outside By localpups Licensed Under Creative Commons-Attribution 2.0 Generic

Dogs were mainly used as weapons to search for enemies that would have been hiding. Or they could have found lost soldiers that were MIA ("Dogs in World").

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Created with images by Ozzy Delaney - "German WW1 Bayonets" • Vasnic64 - "Mousqueton Berthier modèle 1892 modifié 1916 (sabre mdle 1896 et casque Adrian mdle 1926)" • Naval History & Heritage Command - "2010-136-1 Entrenching Tool,World War I" • frankieleon - "Gas" • localpups - "Guard dog outside"

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