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Riffs - a great one you know when you hear it. Immediately. But do you know how that unforgettable collection of notes was forged? "Riff's Anatomy" puts music's most iconic guitar, bass, key, and drums licks under the knife with the creators themselves. Watch them under the lights of the Riff's Anatomy Studio Exam Room dissect the twists and turns that led to some of the most memorable riffs ever recorded.

Episodes are half hour format and can be created at a frequency dependent on the order needs. Any archival footage needed can be pulled from the AXS TV library. 12 weekly episodes per season is our initial recommendation. This will be a 2-3 camera shoot.


What is it about a guitar? Does the guitar pick the player or does the player pick the guitar? "That One Guitar" gets titans of the strings to open up about players' love/hate relationships with their fretted friends - their first, their favorite, their most prized. Watch a different axe master each episode play 'that one guitar' and share its history, what it means to hold it, and find out how it became legendary.

Episodes are half hour format and can be created at a frequency dependent on the order needs. 12 weekly episodes per season is our initial recommendation. The content will be captured with 2-3 cameras in a studio setting.


Each week we follow a mid level band on the road. We dive into not only the band's relationships / drama / goings on, but show a real world depiction of life on the road in a working band.

What makes this concept unique is that it will culminate with a live stream concert of the featured band each week on Utilizing a combination of social media promotion, the traditional television broadcast of each half hour episode and the live stream , we will engage an audience across the spectrum.

Episodes will be a half hour and can be created at a frequency dependent on the order needs. Tour footage will be shot with a single camera and the live stream will be shot with 3-5 cameras. 12 weekly episodes per season is our initial recommendation. Live stream will include an entire set, branded with AXSTV bug and potential sponsored interstitials.


Big names in music didn't start out headlining festivals or selling out arenas. They played near empty rooms, were their own roadies, and sold DIY merch out of trunks. "The Break" brings artists back to where it all started. Listen as they share stories of that first real gig, how it felt, and its career-changing effect.

Then watch as they return and play a surprise set in the very spot that meant so much - a school gym, living room, the divey-est of dives, or even an empty lot where a venue used to stand. Whatever the space may be, experience some of your favorite artists first steps with "The Break".

This show would benefit from airing in an hour long format. The interviews would be captured in a 2-3 camera format. The performance would likely be shot using 5 cameras.

"Under the Influence"

What would do if you got to meet your biggest influence in music living today? How would you respond? What would you want to talk about? "Under The Influence" gives up-and-coming artists the once-in-lifetime opportunity to sit down and meet with the one artist who's had an immeasurably impact on their musical lives. See how the icon inspires the new blood, and how even the biggest names in music can gain insight and inspiration from the next generation of artists. Who knows, there might be some collaboration once they get "Under The Influence".

Each episode can be a half hour or hour show, depending on the time slot needs. This will be a multi-camera production shot in studio.

Please contact XI Media Productions to discuss each concept in further detail.

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