Racing in the Rain By Dylan Stone

"Simply another way of saying that you make your own destiny". (68) this is important because this tells you that Enzo makes his own destiny and saying that Enzo is a happy dog.

"The track is so loud, and its hot, and it smells like rubber and gas, and the radio blasts static into my ears, and everyone's shouting at each other so they can be heard".(77) this is important because it tells you that Eves sickness is getting bad and more things affect her. The track would not be a good place to be.

" not all dogs return as men, they say; only those who are ready. I am ready". This is important because we know once Enzo dies he will be ready and die a happy dog. It is good for him to die a happy dog not a sad dog.(82)

"I liked my stuffed dog better clean than smelly, which was something I never would have imagined. But which gave me something to hold on to".(88) this is important to Enzo because he needs something alwese there for him. It's important to have something to believe in all the time.

" But there's nothing like your first, they grow up so fast. That they do, Denny said with a smile, we turned and walked home".(96) This tells you that Denny has a deep conection with Zoe and has a helthey family relationship. It's important for Denny to love Zoe.


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