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7th April, 2017.

After a long week, it was such a treat to witness Mother Nature at one of her finest moments this evening. As the sun was setting the pinks and greens in the sky and the sea were so gentle. No waves, no breeze in the air, just perfectly still.

One Yacht in Calm Waters

Sunsets and sunrises never cease to amaze me. Never the same, always unique. The soft pastels are the best ones, not brash or bold but quiet.

Stone Pier in Pink

13th April, 2017.

Just as with quiet sunsets and sunrises, I'm starting to learn that I also prefer my pencil drawings to allow the mind to "see" what isn't there. Partly through a lack of confidence to tackle the more complicated elements of the subject but also it just kind of works.

Barn Owl, Pencil on Paper

I find it difficult sometimes to have faith in myself and my abilities, compliments in particular can be quite overwhelming. As much as I like them, I also tend to shy away from them. So if my only reply is a simple "thank you" it's because I am lost for words and don't know what else to say. Self confidence without being arrogant, how does a person achieve that? For me, it is this question that makes me struggle to believe in myself. I'm sure there must be others "out there" who face the same demons.

Barn Owl II, Pencil on Paper

I share with you my two most recent pieces of work, drawn from two images I made with my camera on Monday. They both reflect what I have been trying to say. I hope you like them.

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