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  • 585 E. Glenbrook Dr. Pulaski, WI, 54162

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Selected local government issue: Police squad vehicle purchase

Description and opinion: Chief Mark Henzel of the police department has requested the purchase of a new squad vehicle for 2017. The Village of Pulaski approved the purchase and I believe that if I were in their shoes, I would too. It is very important that all of our vehicles are up to date to ensure the best service possible. Up-to-date equipment is crutial to the efficient protection of our people here in the village. Given the situation, I would've handled it the exact same way our local government did, both swiftly and effectively.

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*All issues are on the same link and that link has just recently been updated and no longer exists as a website, but now exists as a PDF file.

There is no way to link a PDF on Adobe Spark Page, but if you go to, and click on December 2016's "Regular Board Minutes" you will find all my issues there.

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