Week 1... all change!

We have started looking at fractions in maths - counting up and down and even some maths stories. Not always the easiest to get ones head around!
In English, we started looking at a newspaper article (based on a recent discovery) about a Celtic warriors grave discovered. Rewritten and based in Northumberland, it started the next part of our mantle story... we asked questions, completed a quiz and picked out the main information to help us understand it.
We are netballing this term! Mr Behenney’s indoor sessions are continuing too.
Following on our computing theme from last half term in looking after yourself on line, we are thinking about fake news. We had a look at the clip of an eagle carrying off a small child! We looked at clues that might help us decide if it was real or not...
A couple of our half term creations! I am hoping for more to come in!
In Spanish, we started a new story... in Spanish obviously.
To get part two of our mantle story going, we wondered what might be found in a Celtic burial. We drew pictures of what we might find and how the finds might be arranged in the grave. We had a look on a map to see where the find in our newspaper article was and compared it to our find in Plashetts village.