Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Invert Concepts

Flight training offered by today's Instructors has led to the lowest rates of aviation accidents ever seen.

The focus and attention given to emergency and abnormal procedures is unmatched, and has prepared pilots to deal with any issues their aircraft or weather may present. Yet loss of control accidents continue at unprecedented rates.

Loss of Control- In Flight is by far the leading cause of fatal general aviation accidents, exceeding the next 4 causes combined.

The simple fact is nearly all current training does not address loss of control, rather it addresses perceived threats. Boeing determined loss of control is 35 times more likely to cause a fatality than Smoke or fire, and 1,000 times more likely to cause of fatality than a loss of power. How much training have you dedicated to engine out procedures compared to loss of control prevention?

There is no one single answer to eliminating loss of control accidents. Technology and unusual attitude recovery training may provide a good start, but the best answer is to focus on prevention, while refining basic stick-and-rudder skills and teaching recovery techniques as a last resort option, all while leveraging the latest technology available to us.

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is the single most effective method to combat LOC-I accidents. Inverted Concepts specializes in this training and begins by establishing the needs of the pilot, adapting our training syllabus to the mission typically flown by the pilot. A strong emphasis is placed on prevention, and the pilot is encouraged to adopt standardized flight profiles to avoid the need to ever use the recovery skills taught.

Does it actually work?

In a study of 115 pilots attending a UPRT corse, 35% were able to successfully recover from a nose low over-bank upset before training. After training 98% successfully recovered from a similar scenario.

35 of those pilots returned an average of 19 months later, demonstrating a 76% retention of skills learned.

Why Inverted Concepts?

We specialize in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, it’s what we do. Our structured syllabus is based on the industry standard Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid and the ICAO Manual on Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. Our instructor is an aerobatic pilot and experienced CFI with over a thousand hours of instruction given. Your success is our business.

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