Lighting Presentation

Fourth Dimension Lighting is a small lighting design practice specialising in residential, boutique and hotel projects. We also enjoy the challenge of designing lighting for churches and other traditional buildings where a sensitive approach to lighting is carried out using modern, efficient equipment and where comfort, colour control and the enhancing of the interior is crucial.

We are a small practice comprising Nicholas Engert and Melissa Stears who together believe that the best results are obtained by engaging closely with the client to understand their needs and requirements.

Nicholas Engert has spent 30 years involved in interior and lighting design but now concentrates on lighting design. A devotee of halogen lighting when it first made an appearance in the 1980s, he believed that buildings required creative lighting if spaces were to come alive. The introduction of LED technology has now revolutionised the possibilities.

Melissa Stears is a senior lighting consultant with Fourth Dimension Lighting. She opted to specialise in lighting design soon after graduating in architecture and urban design. Her interest in the built environment and how light forms and transforms our relationship to it is why she decided to specialise in this facet of architecture. Finding the perfect balance of the science behind light and the aesthetics of the visual environment is what sparked her interest in working in this medium and she strives to achieve this balance on every project.

We also have a passion for old buildings and believe that they need to be loved and cherished if they are to survive into the future. Lighting plays an important part in this process as it assists in creating an emotional bond between the space and the people who use the space.

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"What do you want to see?"

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199 Knightsbridge

by Melissa Stears

A luxury apartment in this prestigious Knightsbridge address. Working closely with the Harrods Interior Design Team, Melissa devised complementary layers of concealed general lighting to support the feature decorative chandeliers and pendants.

Innovative design, quality equipment and classic craftsmanship were the key design considerations for this contemporary residential space. The lighting design creates a relaxed ambience with integrated lighting highlighting textures and luxury finishes within each space.

Malvern College Chapel

by Nicholas Engert

Malvern College Chapel, designed in the 1890's, is described by the architect Arthur Blomfield, as perpendicular. Built at the height of the Arts and Crafts movement from a mixture of brown North Cotswold limestone and, where detailed carving was required, from paler South Cotswold limestone.

The overall effect is very pleasing but the interior lighting had over time become an unflattering mixture of tungsten floodlights and fluorescent strip. No one had given careful consideration to how best to light the space and to control the lighting within the space.

Our approach was relatively straightforward. The illumination should come from as high as possible so that, when facing East, all the luminaires were hidden from view. This also has the advantage of reducing glare to a minimum. The East wall was to be lit so as to illuminate the carved reredos. The south and north walls are lit beneath the windows with LED strip so as to provide a dramatic effect of uplighting the window arches and the entire system is controlled with a Rako control system which enables scene setting for various and varied services held within the Chapel.

Salon de Parfums, Harrods, London

by Melissa Stears

Housing 12 of the world’s top perfume brands, this space had to emulate the sophistication and luxury of the products on offer.

To attend to a client request for a centre piece, a bespoke oval crystal chandelier was designed together with architects at Mark Pinney Associates and manufacturer Preciosa.

Accent lighting onto product as well as fine finishes and appropriate general lighting makes this a pleasant shopping destination.