Do you think transportation should be free? 4/18/17 By:Breanna priddy

This is my 7th grade class choosing weather or not they think public transportation should be free. 76% of my class said that it shouldn't be free and 24% said it should be free.

My opinion is that i don't think that people should get to ride public transportation for free.

My first reason I think that they should have to pay is because companies need to pay for gas in order to go places and take people to their destination.

My second reason is that the company has to pay to repair the buses and keep them running smoothly. They also have to make sure that the buses will last if they are going on a long travel trip.

Finally my last reason is that the company has to pay another business to clean their buses and pick up all the trash. “Buses are scheduled for more extensive cleanings at least every 45 days.” says cleaner Ralph Mason. This means that the food and cans, and other trash stays on the bus for at least 45 days. So the workers have to stay at work longer to make sure that the buses are clean and tidy before returning them to their barn.

I hope that when you ride a bus or take a tour you leave a tip for the driver and or even just tell them thank you for taking their time to make your day special and better.


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