mayella's testimony

perspective: tom robinson

Miss Mayella Ewell, what have I done to you to deserve such spurious allegations of sexual harassment? Why do you find it so necessary for me to take the blame for your mistakes? I have done nothing to hurt you, and I wish you would do the same back to me. My only intentions with you were to aid you in your endeavors, and all you did was accuse me of something I haven't done in order to protect yourself from your father. I hope you feel ashamed of yourself, and I hope you realize the effect your accusation has on myself and many others. I hope that you understand how many people you have hurt by falsely claiming that I assaulted you. I hope that you recognize the lives you have destroyed to attempt to save your own. I sure wish that you are content with yourself after taking a woman's husband away from her, after taking away the father of three loving children, only to make yourself look better.

The mob goes after tom

Perspective: Atticus Finch

Men, I know your endeavors are to hurt Tom, but you will not be touching him, he is to remain in his sleep. I know what you believe about the Negros, but I want you to understand that Tom is no different from you or myself, and he, like us, has the right to a fair, speedy, and public trial. He too has the rights that us Americans are granted and deserves to be treated exactly the same as any other American. Listen men, that man in there, Tom Robinson, faces discrimination and hatred on a daily basis, all for the color of his skin. I want you men to look at this world the way he is forced to, I want you to consider things from his point of view, I want you to climb in his skin and walk around in it. I want you to accept my client, my friend, Tom Robinson, for the man he is, the loving father and husband that he is.

the jury's verdict

perspective: Jem finch

It just ain't right. That man down there, Tom Robinson, he didn't do nothin' to deserve to be treated that way. Tom Robinson has done nothin' wrong, except for walking into that house that day. Those men down in that jury booth, they are the real criminals, and that monster down there, Bob Ewell, they are the ones who are committing the wrongs here. How could they do this to him, all he wanted was to live life the way its meant to be done, by loving his children and wife and by working to provide for the better good. How could they do this to him? What must have been done in order to protect him? I just don't understand why Tom and so many others are treated this way. What makes Bob and Mayella Ewell and so much more people believe they have a right to treat him this way? It just ain't right.

first day of school

perspective: miss caroline

Listen boys and girls, I came to this school expecting to find a job that would be both entertaining and exciting to be at. Well, I found a school that was entertaining, but not exciting. I have already had to deal with your attitude Miss Scout Finch, and Burris Ewell's abrasive nature. This soon into the school year and I have needed to deal with a fight. I came to this school from Winston County, Alabama to find students who were ready and willing to learn, and I was to be the one to help to achieve these goals. However, I have found children who are more interested harming others than working to achieve their goals in life. Boys and girls, this is not how this class is to be run, and there will be a change in your behavior. I want you to understand that this class will be run in a way that prohibits your attitudes toward me, and that helps to better your success later on in life.


This assignment has taught me the influence of other character's perspectives in telling a story. A book would be completely different if told from another character's point of view. This idea of looking at the world from other people's perspectives has also hit home with me when trying to understand what other people are going through. I have realized that many people do not have access to the luxuries that I have often taken for granted. I now realize that in order to fully and correctly understand the situation that someone else faces, I must look through their eyes and see what they see. I must feel the emotions that they feel. With this done, I can actually feel what they feel and understand what they are going through and I can be there to help them through it. If this same mentality could be shared among the entirety of the world, this Earth would be much more understanding of others and more tolerant of what they face on a daily basis.


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