French Revolution By will Natkha

Causes of the French Revolution

French Revolution started due to poor leadership, Inequalities in society, Hunger, and Enlightenment ideas.

Before the French Revolution France had a "social and political structure called old order, created inequalities in society"(HumanLegacy 593). The king was at the top and below were three groups called estates. The first estate was the rich clergy and could avoid laws. Second estate was nobility and men of power also wealthy. Third estate was stepped on by both and paid 98% of the countries taxes when they were the most not wealthy estate. This caused controversy and revolt. Also French citizens saw how other countries were rebelling against kings and transforming governments and societies. At the time of the French Revolution France was going through hard times with nature. A nil storm and drough ruined the harvest and they had the worst winter in 80 years. Hunger and cold spread pain and sadness grew in anger. Lastly France was in huge debt.

The French Revolution was successful. It created new rights for man called the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen that fixed some inequality. A new finial system was made called the Bank of France that worked well. Many reforms were made and transformations that benefited the country and society.

Ancien régime ( old order)
Napoleon Bonaparte Hero or Villain?

Napoleon Bonaparte was a young general that was very ambitious and the French Revolution helped him get to power fast. Napoleon was Great in battles and very strategic. Napoleons wins helped France defend the Revolution, secure France's borders, and gain new land. Then Napoleon wanted power so he forcefully took the government and was elected first consul. Napoleon was now dictator and promised security and stability. Napoleon then crowned himself emperor of France. Napoleon went through many wars taking over nations and placing his own family into royalty there. Napoleon won many battles and made many reforms for example the Bank of France which was very stable. Also a efficient tax system. I believe Napolean was a hero to France in a lot of ways, but a villain to other nations.

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