A grace-filled day to you, Partner!

We will always be thankful to have you in the ministry praying with us, supporting us and believing with us that together as partners, we can

change the campus and change the world!

We are so much grateful to God on what He is doing in our Campus Ministry. This month of March we've seen how the Lord moved to the lives of these students who are on fire for Jesus.

Last March 3, we had an amazing convergence with the Victory Group Leaders. We were once again reminded that we are set apart and chosen by God to equip, lead and train others.

Pastor George Balisacan, our Senior Pastor casted the vision to the Victory Group Leaders.
Last March 26, these students graduated from the Purple Book Class. The 3-day session was an avenue for them to be more established in the Word of God. Now, they are ready to be equipped to go and make disciples in their own Campuses!
We also thank the Lord for the open doors in the campuses here in Batac. As Campus Missionaries, we are witnessing students receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Lord, God and Savior as we are preaching to them the gospel by the grace of God.
These students were earnestly praying with one another after our Victory Group.

For the month of March, we had our preaching series titled Legit wherein we presented some of the Legit questions of Jesus and answered them through the Word of God.

Week 1: Who Do You Say I am?
Week 2: Why Are You so Afraid?
Week 3: Why Do You Call Me 'Lord Lord' and Do Not Do What I Say?
Week 4: Do You Want To Get Well?
Last March 27, we also had our Discipleship Coaching Group with some of the women leaders- a monthly Vision casting, Instructing and Praying for the campus, for the students and with one another.

This month, we also had our Volunteer Care with our Volunteers in the church. Most of these consist of students who passionately serving the Lord through the ministries.

Serving the Lord through the ministry is one of the least things that we can do before the Lord.

With these great and amazing things happened this month, we want to give all the glory and honor to the Lord Who called us and Who commissioned us.

Our service with the Lord is also made possible with your unending support and partnership to us. That's why we are so much thankful for your life as you responded also to the call of God to support us through your finances. Our continuous prayer is that God will bless all the works of your hands. Again, together we will...

change the campus and change the world!

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Leslie Paragua

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