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Nature on Display

In the Hammock Forest exhibit I was immersed into a lifelike recreation of a beautiful forest scene. This exhibit was extremely immersive and informative. Not only did I learn about native species to Hammock forests through the signs, I was also able to see them depicted through the scene, as they were recreated in their natural environment. This made my experience at the Florida Museum of Natural History extremely enjoyable, learning about different ecosystems while standing in them makes grasping the concept of the environments much easier. Just reading a poster and looking at a picture of a forest would not have given me the comprehensive experience that I so thoroughly enjoyed.

Nature and the Human Spirit

In the Underwater walk through I was truly able to step out of my own ordinary life and experience a completely different world. Being surrounded by marine life 12 times it's actual size, I was able to fully experience the ecosystem and what it would be like if I was the same size as the sea creatures. It opened the majesty of the natural world, how incredible underwater life actually is and how beautiful a coral reef can be.

Nature and Ethics

In the Butterfly Rain forest I was able to experience Leopold's beliefs about conservation. Seeing the free flying butterflies was not only enjoyable but allowed me to "love, respect, and admire" the beauty of the butterflies as well as the garden. Myself and those around me were all entranced by the beauty of the butterflies swirling around us. I felt truly connected to the environment of this butterfly world. I also began to feel responsible for the ethical conservation of ecosystems just like this one, as well as conserving the populations of the many species of butterflies.

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