Happy Recounts by Pukeko Nest

I am getting a kitten tomorrow. I will be happy. Amelia

I am happy because we are going to have fun today. I'm happy because it is nearly summer and I'm happy that we are in bright clothes today. I'm happy because it's three weeks until Summer. I'm happy because I like to play and we have done Diwali. It was fun. I smile and I laugh. Happy is feelings. Lexi

When it is Christmas I ge so happy. I get so happy when it is my birthday. I like to dance at my birthday. I smile and jump up and down. Ella

I am happy when my Mum comes back home and when my Dad gives me piggy back rides and when it is my birthday and when Cooper gives me a present. Kyla

I feel happy when I am proud of my work. When it is home time my brother plays with me. We play a Pokemon game. My Snorlax make me happy. Archer

When I am playing with my doll. Lotti

I make myself happy. My mum loves me. Zak

When I get happy I let my big brother play with my toys. I play on my IPad. I go on a train it goes ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch. It goes ch, so did you like my ch sound. Next I had fish and chips, I had a hotdog and tomato sauce and lots of chips. I forgot to tell you where I was going, to Australia. We had a snack, then our Lex got tired. Then we went back to the hotel until I was sick on a plane. Archie

When my mum tells me to get croutons, when my gives me hugs I am happy. Maximus

When I am at the skatepark, I get happy with a lot of people. I get happy with Mummy. After that I go to the zoo with Mummy and Daddy. We see the lions and the tigers fighting. I smiled and mummy smiled! I had a crease above my mouth. My eyes glow and my teeth shine. Sam M

I am happy because I got to go to my new house. When I do hard stuff at school, I’m proud of myself. My face has shiney eyes and my mouth is smiling. I am happy when I do stuff for myself. I am happy. Maia

I feel happy when I play with my Barbies and I feel happy. I smile when I make my own breakfast and I do it by myself and my Mum doesn’t need to do it and my Dad. When I am happy and my eyes shine. Annie

When I feel happy, like Joy, I sing and hug my Mum and Dad. When I wash the car that really makes me happy. I wiggle, jiggle and giggle and my eyes begin to sparkle. Emily C

When I am happy I like going to the playground. I am happy there. Then I go to the a shop to buy some food. It is watermelon. I like that. Then I go home and then I have some fresh bread and then I play hot wheels. That makes me happy.I smile and I laugh. Ethan

When it is my birthday it is fun. I got a trophy. Hip hip hurray. I get lollies for Christmas. I get lots of presents because it is my birthday. "Oh yay" I say. All these rhings make me happy. I smile and dance. Indigo

When I feel happy, I want to play all day. I don’t want to stop at all, but I came in when it was time to eat tea, because I like my tea so much. I came inside. When I am happy, my face looks happy and I am blushing red. Emily K

I feel happy when my brother leaves me alone. Bridie

When my Nanny comes down from Nelson, it makes me feel happy. I got to hug her and she always brings lollies. When my face gets happy my eyes begin to shine. Erina

I get happy when it is christmas. I get so much toys. It is so much. I am so filled with toys. I said to my Mum "When is it Christmas? "Two more sleeps" my Mum said. I had been to sleep. I was so happy. My head nearly blew off. I got two thousand presents. Cody

When I am happy is when my sister does not annoy me and when I am making lego. When I am sad is she's mean and when I get hurt. When I am happy is when I have to do some work. It makes me happy when I do it. When I get cars I get happy. I am happy when I cuddle my Teddy. Charlie

Happy is when my dog licks my face off. I eat carrots. Eva

I am happy when it is my birthday. I am so happy when it is Christmas too. I have yummy food at christmas. I love Christmas. I am happy when me and my mum go out. It makes me happy. I love Mum. Lucy

When my sister plays with me and when it is Christmas, I am happy. I am happy it is summer and I like summer because I get to go under the sprinkler. When I have a tropical snow,when my sister doesn’t hit me and when I come to school it makes me happy. When I come to school it is fun. I like seeing Mrs Gain. When I was a baby, I went to Mrs Gain's house but Gemma was not born. It made me happy. I am happy when my mum made me a hot chocolate and Gemma has a hot chocolate and mum has a coffee. After we had finished we go home. I am happy when Granny picks me up from school and sometimes Poppa picks me up from school. I like Granny and Poppa. Grace

When I am happy I eat lollies and I smile at my Mummy and Daddy. I may get my pokemon stuff. I’m happy when my little garden grows. Sam H

When I am happy my Dad lets me play on the Xbox. I'm happy. I am happy about that. I play avengers. It is fun about that. Apples make me happy. Dylan

I am happy when my Dad comes back. I give him a big, big hug and he told me that he will not go away again. I look happy when I smile. Ben

When Oscar leaves me alone I am happy. Emmy

When my Mum gives me some cuddles that makes me happy. I went to the park and I got hurt again and my Mum got me up from the ground and that makes me happy. Max

I am happy when I go to Fiji and when I get icecream and when I get a fortune cookie and when it is Christmas and my birthday and when I get a Dori ice block and when my brother leaves me alone and I go to my friends house. Luke

What makes me happy is fish and chips. Niall

I am happy when I play outside after lunch. Sylvie

I am happy when my stuff does not break if it does break I will not cry. Orion

I am happy when I go to the toy shop. Ilike toys. I am happy when my Dad picks me up from school. Troy

I am happy when my dog licks me. Kushal

My Birthday made me happy. I rode my purple and pink bike. Freya

I am happy when mum gets me toys. Levi

I am happy when Dad plays with me and my Mum gives me cuddles and when I am with my dog. My dog he licks me and my dog hugs me. Annabel

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