CRISPR By: Ryan Bihasa and Michael Pitonza

What is it?

-Crispr is a new and advanced DNA editing system.

-Crispr allows scientists to modify parts of the genome by changing sections of one's DNA.

-It would change life on earth by basically inventing "superhumans."

-Crispr would be one of the most, if not the most revolutionary system in scientific history.

How is it useful?

- CRISPR-Cas9 is a working system that produces major positive changes in DNA

- The enzyme, Cas9, specifically cuts two DNA strands allowing DNA to be removed or added - an area of RNA called guided RNA (gRNA) guides Cas9 to the exact point in a genome

-Cas9 helps recognize damaged DNA and begins to repair it - New changes can be introduced to one or more genes in a genome.

- CRISPR gifts scientists the ability to edit genomes with efficiency, flexibility, precision and speed

- CRISPR is the door that will help solve many medical conundrums such as bacterial, viral and cancerous infections - It is the door to the medical and humane future

Should it be used?

Crispr should be used, but limited. If everybody used it and the population lived longer, Crispr would lead to overpopulation. If Crispr is just used to stop some viruses that cannot be stopped as of now, it would be such a big problem. Overpopulation would be an issue because there would not be enough resources for everybody to survive, which would lead to massive amounts of people having to be killed so that others can survive. Maybe someday when humans figure out a way to migrate to other planets then crispr can be used to revolutionize humans, but until that happens the only thing Crispr would lead to is overpopulation.

Why is this interesting?

- CRISPR is interesting since it is a new perspective and ideology for many people towards the medical field

- Furthermore, many scientists have tried fro years to cure these "incurable" or "invincible" issues. CRISPR is what many have been waiting for in the medical field. Life on Earth will change drastically

- Lastly, CRISPR has been on Earth for centuries and its recent discovery has caused many to go into hysterics to make it work

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