Road to MAX Travels by Sina & André

We are starting our journey to the Adobe MAX event in San Diego. San Francisco was our first stop. The city at the bay is famous for it's unpredictable weather - so the first thing we saw were dramatic clouds rushing through the hills of SF. - André

Day 1: Sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge

In order to catch the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge we left our hotel this morning at 6.30 am. Never thought I'd be happy about a jet lag, but today I was really glad that it felt already noonish for my body . Of course the sight was completely worth it, we were so astonished by it that we even climbed a fence to follow a cliffy path to be closer to the bridge. We left when our fingers were so frozen by the wind that we couldn't push the trigger anymore for a well deserved breakfast at "Honey Honey" (thumbs up from someone who is very picky with breakfast, but be sure to be there early otherwise the big queue will turn it more into lunch !). - Sina
Castro District and Twin Peaks
We decided to check out and spend this night in Santa Cruz, but not without checking out the twin peaks and Castro first of course. But what amazes me the most is the friendliness that seems to radiate from everybody here. If you could fill atmosphere into bottles im sure California would be a sell-out. And until that works we will continue trying to do that with pictures. ❤ - Sina

Day 2: Santa Cruz

Our next station was Santa Cruz, known to be one of the hottest surfer spots and they didn't promise too much. We went for an airbnb room instead of a hotel, which we both actually prefer - the stories of the locals you get to hear and the insider tips about secret locations alone totally make up for a bit less comfort.

André recommended "The Aquarium" for dinner, which not only has an exquisite meat selection, but also a full glass front with a view of the beach and countless surfers riding the waves. Surfing really seems to be more a mentality than a sport here, but who can blame them for making a lifestyle out of the beautiful environment and the vibes that come with it? Packed with some cool new stickers (and Andre already has quite an impressive collection of them, believe me!) we left Santa Cruz after a delicious breakfast in an adorable little restaurant called "The Windmill". Unfortunately we had a rainy day in front of us, which didn't make the way to Carmel any less beautiful, but a lot more windy. The surfers at boardwalk didn't seem to mind the weather though and still went on with their impressive (and a bit reckless) game of jumping off the cliffs into the sea.

When we stopped at in&out for a quick snack we decided to collect some souvenirs on our tour for you to win - but more about this later! Andre showed us a really amazing spot by the beach where these pictures were taken. Although we were more hoping for a romantic sunset like Andre had it a few days ago, I still like the dramatic look of these pictures. After this we finally arrived at our Motel, packed with amazing pictures but also very tired. And while I'm sitting in front of my tiny fireplace (!!) to write this we are picking the best pictures of today and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. - Sina

Day 3: Highway 1

What does your heart beat for? I'm longing for rides along beautiful coastlines - and what better way to get your heart filled with happiness then to stay on highway 1 on our way to Los Angeles? Okay, alright, we started with fog, a lot of fog. The whole coast was covered in dark clouds. But the rain was making everyone happy in California because the golden state is suffering from a drought and every drop of water is good for land and people. Despite expecting sunshine it was interesting to capture a bit darker mood which was fitting to my actual Spotify playlist: .

Highway 1 is maybe the most impressive coastline I know. There's a lot to discover like the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park with its impressive rocks and waterfalls or all the little houses in between the cliffs. I'm always guessing who may be living there and WHO THE HELL IS BLESSED WITH THIS VIEWS?! I have to calm down. So. Equipped with my newly found love Snapple Ice-Tea (Lemon!!!) and the belief to see a beautiful sundown today we were heading towards L.A. - and we got really one of the most beautiful sundowners I've seen in a long time. - André


Day 4: Los Angeles - Venice Life

Shooting with Brie

Brie and I met last week in Los Angeles. She told me about the awe-inspiring beach at El Matador and that we have to shoot there. So we decided to meet again. Brie, born in Sao Paulo, is living in a small town near LA with her sister. I was a bit late 'cause I was chilling in West Hollywood (because it's Hollywood, you know) and traffic in LA is the worst. When I arrived at our Airbnb, Brie was already waiting and so we could head down to El Matador immediately. Driving through Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu is always a pleasure and the sky was rewarding us with every color you could imagine. While arriving, I realized that this obviously is a very famous shooting location. There were people doing wedding shoots, a model was laying on a stone while holding a fisher-net, couples were doing their best selfie-stick impressions. Great! We searched for a calm and quite spot and then we started the shooting. - André

Behind The Scenes

Day 5: Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree: Under the stars

Our last stop before arriving in San Diego was Joshua Tree and of course it's famous national park. After we were incredibly lucky with our apartment in LA we decided to look for another Air Bnb and André found the perfect place! Our host built the cozy house that you can only reach through a Stoney unpaved way himself (and did an amazing job on decorating it as well) and within a mile there was no one else but us - so ordering pizza turned into a real adventure! But places like these offer the prettiest sunsets and also incredibly starry nights and we left in such a peaceful and relaxed mood on the next day for Joshua tree park. - Sina

Addition: Proposal at Highway 1

I just received an email from Kiwi. We met Kiwi and her then-boyfriend and now soon-to-be-husband at Highway 1. The story behind this is, that they were asking me for a photo, but her phone storage was fun. So I said that I could take one with my camera and send it to her via email. She just has to write me. So here it is. As of her email, it seems like we just arrived after her boyfriend proposed to her. It's funny cause we took notice of him on his knees but we didn't really realized whats going on.

Day 6: Arrival in San Diego


We hit San Diego right after sunset and were immediately amazed by the sparkling night lights of the city.

Despite being in love with Los Angeles for many years, this city really surprised me the most. We were staying in the gas light district, a vibrant neighborhood full of beautiful architecture and charismatic bars, but also just a few blocks away from the piers and the convention center where the MAX took place.

On our first day we attended a photo walk through down town with the whole adobe family and later that night a dinner event in a nearby bar, from which our small group moved to the Hyatt for a late night pool and hot tub session.

The conference itself started on Wednesday and I’m really having a hard time finding the right words for it; the whole building is just enormous and there isn just so much to see and absorb.

The three days were packed with countless stunning keynotes of incredible people like Lynsey Addario, Zac Posen and of course the one and only Quentin Tarantino and a lot of useful sessions and workshops about the classic and new Adobe programs. At the same time you could check out new technology, meet some amazing artists in the community pavilion or watch Michael Chaize interviewing other artists from the Adobe booth.

But my personal highlight was the Adobe Sneaks, a preview of all the mind-blowing features that wait for us in the future, followed by the Adobe Bash, the good bye party that felt a bit more like Burning man with beautiful surreal art installations, a cotton candy tree and several live concerts.

André and I both got a small souvenir that will always remind us of the incredible 10 days we spent there inked in our skin; and besides that all I have to say is: See you next year in Vegas, baby! - Sina

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