Robots II : Square dancing Anthony Phan & THE reST OF THE TEAm

Desricption of Project

The main goal of the project was to make the robots do a synchronized dance with music playing in the back ground. We used the color senor with tape on the ground to make the robot move in a certain way. [ spoiler alert: it didn't turn out that great ]

My contribution

I made the second program for the robot course. I also did numerous minor things, such as, help build the course, test try the robots, and built the robot.

Photo of Robot

Photo of Program

first program
photo of the second program

Photo of Course


Video of Robot


In this project, I learned a lot of important information, such as to never use the color sensor. But seriously the color sensor was very inconsistent and it caused us to fail. I personally voted to use the gyro sensor because of its precise turning, but i didn't turn out in my favor. Besides the actually project, I liked how we got to work together as a big group.

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