MARViTECH PrecIse-fast-efficient

Our customers around the world

Seed Analyzer CompactLine vs. ProLine

We measure almost everything

grain seeds, vegetable seeds, flower seeds

wheat, barley, rye, triticale, oat, rapeseed

turnip, mustard, pea, bean, tomatoe, potatoes seeds

begonias, clover, lupine, primrose, corn, etc.

Counting accuracy at least 99%

very fast measuring (under 3 seconds)

fractionation of lenght, width and area

Adapted scale provides thousand grain weight and hectolitre weight


Every single corn from a size of 0.8 mm

For a high number of samples

Easy filling and emptying

For a large number of seeds

bigger tray 27cm x 27cm


fine analyzer

seeds from 0.2 mm

High-presicion measurement for smaller batch quantities

high resolution camera and lens

tray size 18cm x 18cm

CompactLine (the fine machine)

for institutes and universities

small seeds like begonia or potatoes


bigger tray for bigger seeds

For a high quantities of samples and seeds

Easy filling and emptying through the drawer

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