Does Test Anxiety Really Affect Student Performance? By Cole Grover

Test anxiety causes many students un-needed frustration.
Some students are overwhelmed in the classroom because of test anxiety

Test anxiety is the problem but what ultimately causes it?

I believe its the hours of study and the result of which is failure.

Even the most dedicated students fail.

Sometimes it does not seem like they will ever find the answers.

For some graduation is their ultimate goal. Most do not even try for A's.

Test anxiety causes so much pain and the solution is in the environment.

I believe that a friendlier environment can effectively enhance student performance.

The best way to create a friendlier environment is by being pro-active with every student and creating a relationship with those students.

The time and money to achieve this goal will ultimately increase overall academic ability of the students that are indeed trying their best. This would only be good for Waynesfield Goshen as a whole.


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