Arrow Video FrightFest 19 LEICESTER SQUARE LONDON 22ND - 26TH AUGUST 2019

"It was without doubt our most epic, spectacular and best-received FrightFest in our entire 20-year history. We had the movies our discerning audience had heard about and were desperate to see, from anticipated multiplex releases to intriguing art-house that have been gaining great word-of-mouth. And we had the celebrities, directors, stars and personalities to back them up with on-stage intros and Q&As. The positivity and excitement never abated throughout the entire five days, and the air-conditioning in the multiple venues came as a blessed relief to many considering the outside temperatures.

We'll be 21 in 2020 and let's see what that key of the door opens for FrightFest's ever-amazing future" - Alan Jones.

Images by Julie Edwards. https://www.julieedwardsphotography.co.uk. Also from Dimitris Kanakis, Annette Rickard, David Hyman, Stevie, Mal Jutley, Paul Ewen, Graham, Gary Mancini, Christopher Pottruff, Jacob Boeve and Katherine Seekings.