Together, we thrive!

Masks, social distancing, weekly COVID testing, Zoom meetings galore – this semester was one we won't soon forget. But we pulled together and made it through every challenge with purposeful learning, impactful scholarship, and meaningful engagement along the way.

In this issue:

  • Message to the Class of 2021
  • Department Accolades
  • Faculty Research Highlights
  • New Undergraduate Courses
  • Online B.A. Program
  • Spring 2021 Seminar Highlights
  • Student Leadership in Economics
  • List of Spring 2021 Economics Graduates


Department Accolades

Faculty Recognition

  • CLA Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award: Professor Stephan Weiler
  • CLA Outstanding Service Award: Professor Bob Kling

Graduate Student Awards

  • Dissertation Fellowships: Kit Deming, Austin Landini
  • Graduate Research Assistantship: Teresa Perry & Dave Mushinski
  • Outstanding Graduate Researcher: Ashish Sedai
  • Outstanding Graduate Teacher: Kelly Lee
  • L.S. & Chuen-mei Fan Graduate Scholarship: Adam Walke
  • Terry Ozawa Graduate Economics Fellowship: Vedanshi Nevatia
  • ΟΔΕ Best Paper Award: ex aequo Brendan Brundage and Vinicius Cicero

Read about this year's award winners here.

Undergraduate Awards

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student: America Rios-Martinez
  • Alok Mehta Scholarship: Uriel Bonilla
  • Alumni Scholarship: Claire Sullivan
  • Ben W. Garcia Scholarship: Paul DeCelles
  • Ed A. Hewett Scholarship: Uriel Bonilla
  • Outstanding ΟΔΕ Undergraduate Paper: Juan Morales

Read about this year's award winners here.

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ΟΔΕ) Economics Honor Society 2020-21 Inductees

  • Reilly Blakeslee
  • Macey Dodd
  • Nicholas Geyer
  • Nishant Gokal
  • David Kuharski
  • Angela Mensah
  • John Singleton
  • Mya Wilson

Read about new ΟΔΕ members here.

Faculty Research Highlights

Terry Iverson, "Carbon Taxes and Climate Commitment with Non-Constant Time Preference," The Review of Economic Studies

Ed Barbier and Jo Burgess Barbier, "Sustainable Use of the Environment, Planetary Boundaries and Market Power," Sustainability

Anita Alves Pena, "How Vulnerable are U.S. Crop Workers?: Evidence from Representative Worker Data and Implications for COVID-19," Journal of Agromedicine

Ramaa Vasudevan, "The evolution of China's monetary policy: on the horns of a dilemma," Review of Keynesian Economics

Stephan Weiler, “It’s a Wonderful Loan: Community Banking and Regional Economic Resilience,” Journal of Banking and Finance

Daniele Tavani, "Consumption Externalities and Growth: Theory and Evidence for the United States," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Ray Miller, "Demographic Transition, Human Capital and Economic Growth in China," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Guy Numa, "The Development of Financial Economics in France between the Mid-1970s and the Early 1980s: Import or Rediscovery?" History of Political Economy

New ECON Courses - Coming Fall 2021

ECON 181 - Introduction to the Economics Major This 1 credit course is designed to welcome students into the major and orient you to economics as a discipline, the specifics of the major at CSU, and career options after graduation. One important goal of this class is to create a better sense of community among our undergraduate students and connect you to faculty in the department early on in your college careers.

ECON 281 - Mathematical Modeling in Economics This 3 credit course is designed to prepare economics majors for the application of various mathematical techniques to the study of economic issues. An alternative to MATH 141, this course covers essential math methods and applications for economics including spaces and sets, functions, graphs, equilibrium models, derivatives, comparative statics, unconstrained and constrained optimization, and integration. (Prereq: MATH 117 and ECON 202)

ECON 381 - Environmental and Climate Change Economics This 3 credit class is an important upper level addition to our departmental offerings in the area of environmental economics with an emphasis on climate change. The course examines how economic approaches can be used to address economy and environmental degradation, focusing on global warming and climate change policy. Basic environmental economic concepts and relationships are covered, such as environmental externalities, valuing environmental benefits and costs, market-based instruments and regulations for environmental management, efficient and equitable environmental policy, and management of trans-boundary environmental problems. (Prereq: ECON 202 or ECON 240)

Online B.A.

While many courses have been remote or hybrid this past year, Economics is unique because we partner with CSU Online to offer our bachelor's degree program entirely online!

Since our program launched in 2015, 31 students have earned their CSU degree in Economics online. This year alone, we have 21 intended graduates. That's incredible!

Courses newly available online:

  • ECON 101 Social Issues in Economics
  • ECON 212 Racial Inequality & Discrimination

Reminder: On-campus students can also enroll in online courses over the summer! There is space available and still time to register before the summer term starts.

Spring 2021 Seminar Highlights

The spring seminar series featured 8 prominent economists from around the globe - including AFL-CIO Chief Economist William Spriggs who presented on economic modeling of racial discrimination during our Graduate Student Visit Day. Read the recap here >>

Global Conversations

In spite (or, perhaps, because) of the worldwide pandemic, we were able to virtually bring in two speakers from Berlin, Germany! Dr. Dorothea Kuebler from the WZB Social Science Center presented on black markets for online booking systems, and Dr. Michael Jakob from the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons & Climate Change presented on distributional impacts of climate policy.


Economics Student Leadership Council (ESLC)

ESLC is the undergraduate student voice in the Economics Department. These students provide leadership and support of engagement activities for Economics majors and minors. Any Economics student (major or minor) is welcome to get involved with ESCL by contacting Faculty Advisor Steven.Shulman@colostate.edu. Thank you to the 2020-21 leadership council members for your leadership & service to the department!

Jawaher Al Maaini | Trent Berends | Reilly Blakeslee | Holden Copous | Macey Dodd | Meg Little | Cam Lucero | Nic Miller | Cameron Ornelas | Caleb Posey | America Rios Martinez | Alison Salomon | Beza Tafari

Undergraduate Women in Economics (UWE)

This year, senior Mya Wilson and Professor Alex Bernasek worked together to reactivate Undergraduate Women in Economics (UWE), a group that works to close the gender gap in economics. UWE hosted a Women in Economics Alumni Panel on April 1, bringing in alumnae Adiam Tesfaselassie and Kristen Malloy, and Ph.D. candidate Sarah Small. Learn more from this recent segment of CTV11's "Humans of CSU."

Nora Aslan | Reilly Blakeslee | Louise Claussen | Macey Dodd | Citlaly Fierro | Holly Middleton | Alina Trimble | Mya Wilson

The Association of Graduate Economists (AGE)

The Association of Graduate Economists (AGE) is a democratic forum for addressing concerns of MA, PhD, and other affiliated levels of students within the Department of Economics at CSU. Message from AGE President Débora Nunes:

"Despite the many challenges that the Spring semester brought us, we’re very proud to say that the Association of Graduate Economists (AGE) did some intense organizing this semester, uniting with a wide front of graduate students at CSU to push for direct changes in our working conditions. Members of AGE have joined together with graduate student workers across campus to form an independent organizing group, the Graduate Worker Organizing Cooperative (GWOC), to press the university’s administration to end graduate student fees and improve graduate workers' compensation overall. This organizing follows recent research by the Dean and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School highlighting major inequities between CSU and its peer universities as it relates to fees and compensation. The report includes a number of recommendations to deal with these gaps and also develops a multi-year phased budgetary model to reach competitive graduate student support levels. GWOC has circulated a petition calling on the Board of Governor’s to immediately implement an end to graduate student fees and enact the “Aspirational Scenario” — a measure that would also guarantee summer payment and raise stipends, which haven’t increased since 2010. AGE approved a formal endorsement of the petition, and is actively engaged with further actions seeking to improve graduate students' conditions through GWOC. For the next semester, we plan on keep building a broad coalition of graduate students across campus, and also aim to focus on internal demands of our dear department. We hope that current and former members of the Economics Department will join us in those important and exciting tasks."

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Spring Graduate Degrees

  • Fathalla Barasi, Ph.D. Economics
  • Chris McCarthy, Ph.D. Economics
  • John Singleton, M.A. Economics

Spring 2021 Graduating Economics Majors and Minors

  • Brody Adkisson
  • Jacob Allmendinger
  • Saeed Alremeithi
  • Benjamin Amundson
  • Michael Anderson
  • Zachary Becker
  • Matt Blackburn
  • Jaden Booth
  • Joseph Brady
  • Taylor Burton
  • Nicholas Calley
  • Collin Campbell
  • Joshua Campbell
  • Peter Candell
  • Trent Canter
  • Autumn Carlson
  • Luis Caro
  • Anthony Castillo
  • Kobe Collins
  • Joseph Crowley
  • Ryan Davis
  • Alex DeJong-Brown
  • Brian Dunn
  • Mary Elson
  • Joshua Gadow
  • Maxwell Gagliardo
  • Adam Ganete
  • Austin Gardunio
  • Paul Gibeau
  • Nishant Gokal
  • Anthony Grassi
  • Sean Greenwell
  • Sami Haddad
  • Caleb Hansen
  • Anna Harvey
  • Lingyun He
  • Yifan He
  • McKenna Highfield
  • Zachary Hughes
  • Stone Hulsey
  • Nam Kyu Hwang
  • Travis Janssen
  • Jarrod Joiner
  • Brandon Kokes
  • Sreenath Reddy Koppula
  • Brian Larson
  • Jake Lauber
  • Kingsley Lawson
  • Mary Leonard
  • Dylan Leston
  • Brielle Levy
  • Megan Little
  • Emily Luetschwager
  • Seychelle Lusk
  • Andrea Mabie
  • Mantas Madelis
  • Zain Malik
  • Enrique Mendoza
  • Xavier Mercer-Roberts
  • Nicholas Miller
  • Mackenzie Newman
  • Darren O'Dorisio
  • Tanner O'Neal
  • Megan Odom
  • Youming Pan
  • Brodie Pattinson
  • Julia Perbohner
  • Nicholas Pontejos
  • Grace Quereau
  • Zachary Raak
  • Aileen Rascon
  • America Rios-Martinez
  • Bess Rosenberg
  • Blake Ruden
  • Alison Salomon
  • Carson Scott
  • Samuel Sernett
  • Derek Severson
  • Madison Sheets
  • Elijah Shrader
  • Justin Smith
  • Seth Smith
  • Simon Smith
  • Joseph Snapp
  • Heather Straley
  • Gisele Uwamahoro
  • Chirantha de Silva Uyanage
  • Caleb Vannest
  • Ryan Volkert
  • Ruben Weijers
  • Magdelaina Wellman
  • Benjamin Wilson
  • Mya Wilson
  • Samantha Ye
  • Dayne Zeitlow
  • Yichao Zhang
  • Wenhan Zhao


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