The Day It All Changed By: Brynn Eckman

For as long as I can remember my life was pretty normal. I had always lived in the same town, gone to the same school, and had the same friends. Little did I know everything was going to change.

It was a Friday and my day went just like any other. I had just arrived home from school when I noticed my dad was home to. He greeted me with a smile, and out of confusion I asked, “Why are you home so early” ? He didn't respond. My brother and I exchanged puzzled looks but didn't think much about it. Later that night, once the whole family was together, while we were cleaning up dinner my dad told us that he had been let go from his job. The family was silent. It was a shock to everyone, but my family was hopeful of finding another job in the same area so we wouldn't have to move.

The Whole Family

A couple long weeks went by and my dad still didn't have a job. He started applying for jobs out of state, and by this point my family knew there was a good chance of us moving. He told us he found a good job in Rhode Island and that we would be moving there. We told our friends/family and everyone we knew. We were all disappointed, but decided to think of it as a good opportunity to make new friends. For the next month we would finish school and make the most of the time we had there. Each day we packed more and more boxes, then loaded them into the truck. On our last day we spent the whole day with our closest friends and family saying our final goodbyes.

Saying our final Good-bye's to closest friends and family

So on the big day January 4, 2016 we moved from Georgia to Rhode Island. It was a long stressful 2 days of driving to get up here, but was relieved once we arrived. It was hard the first couple of days in such a new state not knowing anyone or anything. At first it felt like a vacation that I knew we would never leave. Each day I continued to eased into the new life I now had. Everyday I visited and got to know more about Rhode Island. Everybody was so excited for the snow when we moved up here, since we never had any in Georgia.

Explored more of Rhode Island

As we continued to settle into our new life it became easier, and although moving wasn't easy i have come to like it. It was a huge change in my life and for a while I was angry at my parents for making this decision. They took me away from all my friends, family, and everything I had come to know in my childhood. Shortly after I forgave my parents and moved on. I decided to look at moving as a good opportunity to explore new places out of my comfort zone and make even more friends than I did before.

Our new house

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