Nature Activity- FLMNH By konnor mchale

Nature on Display- The butterfly garden must be a fan favorite and there is a good reason for it. The exhibit was a very peaceful place, appealing to the calm side of me, while simultaneously grabbing my attention with its abundance of beautiful exotic butterflies. I actually felt like a kid again chasing around these creatures in my back yard. An important thing to take note of would be that although it is an exhibit in a museum, these butterflies are, more or less, completely in their natural habitat. Seeing them interact with nature and one another was a nice way of seeing something pure.

Nature and Ethics- For the past centuries, most things in nature have been taken for granted and exploited for their economic usefulness. Things such as whale blubber, oil, shark fins, etc. Seeing the dozens of different displays offered helped me to see from Leopold's point of view just a little bit. Although most people value nature's economic resources, something as simple as strolling through a museum may help them to understand that nature is something to be respected, not flattened by a bulldozer. Over fishing is a serious issue today and this exhibit helped me to realize that the appreciation of fish may be more important than injuring them for sport or possibly eating them.

Nature and the Human Spirit- I do not think that many people would argue with the statement that the American Indians were some of the most in-touch-with-nature humans that ever walked the earth to this day. Walking through the display, I felt great pleasure in knowing that this was how they actually lived; so in harmony with their surroundings. Their way of life truly was something admirable. The museum helped me to appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by helping me to realize that this was how the Indians lived every day. The more someone understands where they belong on this earth, the better they understand themselves as an individual.

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