Summer Camp Scholarships Sydney Tompkins

Above is a collection of medical bills that are crucial to maintain for the sake of children with illnesses or disabilities. Medications, doctors' visits, and in-home care are just a few examples of the bills that parents must keep up with in order to provide the best care for their children.
  • Pictured here is a counselor forming a relationship/ friendship with a camper.
  • After a child experiences another person making an effort to befriend him or her, the child may feel more confident to make friends using his or her own social skills.
  • If parents cannot afford to send their children to camp, on account of the various bills that they must pay, the child is more likely to miss out on forming social skills and making friends.
  • Pictured is a boy and a counselor playing a game.
  • The child's smile indicates that he is comfortable with the new friendship that he has.
  • After the child has time to develop relationships at camp with his or her counselor, the child's social skills would be strong enough to take a step to make a friend by themselves.
  • This photo is a group of girls laughing and playing a game together.
  • Opportunities to step out of one's comfort zone to make friends are endless at summer camp, despite illnesses or disabilities, because the children would be working on their social skills simultaneously.
These are images of various games that children have the chance to play while at summer camp. Games are excellent tools to use to strengthen social skills while making friends.
Summer camps allow for countless opportunities to create lasting friendships. The formation of social skills allows for this task to become easier with each conversation. If children do not have the chance to attend summer camp, they could miss out on these precious moments.
Pictured here is an opportunity that I had to work with a group of girls, and help them master their social skills so that they could befriend others while at summer camp.


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