la primavera photos from ky + TN + mexico, march 2017

First stop: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Nick + Abe at the park
Nick, his nieces + his pup.

Spent a couple days in Nashville, Tennessee

Elvis Presley sends a text.
There is no shortage of cowboy hats in downtown Nashville.

Next stop: Oaxaca, Mexico, for the wedding of Rosalino Santiago Garcia and Sabina Pacheco Garcia.

Nick has been shooting a photo story on Rosalino's migrant work in Kentucky for three years and has visited them in their small town of Santa Ana several times. They are like a second family to him.

My first day in Mexico was spent in the town of Miahuatlán shopping in the markets with Nick's mom, Sabina and Rosalino's sister, Enedina. This was the day I got my sunburn.
There are old VW bugs all over Oaxaca- who would've guessed? This one's for you, Miss Daisy.
And here's me sippin' on a spicy chamoyada, which is a fruit slushie with chili sauce.
The morning wedding band served as my alarm clock around 7 a.m. on the morning of the wedding in Santa Ana, Oaxaca, Mexico.
A quick portrait during the wedding food preparations- the women spend their day in a smoky shack making the traditional meal, mole.
And the men spend the day slaughtering and butchering a bull to serve the 500 guests of the wedding. (Very sad, but very tasty for the record.)
I couldn't bear to shoot the gore of the slaughter, so instead I snapped this shot and then pet his nose as he took his final breath.
There was something unsettling, but quite fascinating about watching them skin the bull.
Here, Nick plays with the kids while some of the men finish assembling the tent under which the wedding party will occur at night.
Sabina's dress hanging in the doorway
and the lovely bride, Sabina, getting her makeup applied.
The bride and groom, Sabina and Rosalino, arrive at the church.
View from atop the church. I had to climb up a very narrow spiral staircase in wedges to get to the balcony- I wouldn't recommend it!
Candy was throw from atop the church to the eager guests below after the ceremony.
Rosalino and Sabina dance underneath the tent during the party on their wedding night. There was a band, endless beer and plenty of mezcal - which is a special Mexican alcohol that is similar to tequila and burns your throat until it hurts so good.
There was also an abundance of wedding "tres leche" wedding cake.
Here are Nick's sweet parents, Tim + Polly, enjoying the party in front of the live band.
Had to include this picture from earlier in the trip - Tim + Polly being cute.
And finally, Nick enjoying la fiesta, after shooting it diligently for his project. And for the record, he might be a better dancer than me. <3
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