Moody Skies Hollywood

Last night the sky turned the most incredible moody grey, with hints of rainbows in the sky. A very different feel to the skies we'd seen the day before

Just a couple of days ago the new table and chairs had arrived, the skies were blue and the colours vivid; dont you just love the contrast of the blues pinks and greens of the fresh spring plants

At the weekend we'd given the the climbing frame a new lease of life - it was looking old and tired and we'd threatened to get rid of it but Greg persuaded us that we should give it just one more summer. So Amelia came up with the bright idea that we should paint it - properly!

The joy of being in the garden surrounded by beautiful plants really lifts the spirits.

Daisy had joined us one evening on the sofa last week as Greg and I were watching a programme about the celebration of the cherry blossom in Japan. I think it really caught her imagination, she decided there and then that she would visit Japan at this time of years to witness the spectacular festival that revolves around the flowering of the Cherry Blossom and welcomes Spring to the country.

Such a beautiful flower that lasts for such a short time

Spring time in Hollywood

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