Nutella filled pancake balls with sweet and spicy bacon

Restaurant: Katalinas

Sesame Chicken with fried rice

Restaurant: P.F. Changs

I didn't know I actually ordered two large portion meals so I didn't really finish this. Despite that, this meal was pretty solid. 8/10 recommend.

Fruit and Nutella stuffed waffle

Disney World

This deserves a 9/10 for taste but a solid 1/10 for service. I waited in line for an hour for this waffle so it definitely tasted very good. I'm not sure I would ever wait that long for a waffle again but I guess it was worth it.

Filet Mignon over mashed potatoes

Restaurant: Fulton Crab House

This was delicious. 10/10 recommend.

Mickey Mouse waffles

Disney World Resort

Obviously better than normal waffles. Unfortunately, I was only given two pieces of bacon.

Colorful cheesecake

Restaurant: Hemmingways

Definitely not as good as it looks. I'd give it a 9/10 appearance, but a 4/10 in taste. This was probably one of my favorite restaurants in Pensecola, Florida because of the beach front view and my meal previous to this picture.

Po Boy club sandwich

Restaurant: some restaurant in New Orleans

I'd give this sandwich an 8/10 for the amount of bacon. Overall, this was a pretty good meal and a sweet restaurant.

Ramen with chicken

Restaurant: Wagamama

This ramen was just as good as the view I had while eating it. It was one of my favorite days in London.

Pasta with white sauce topped with bacon

Restaurant: Jamie's Italian

Probably one of the best meals I've ever had. This picture was taken at Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant in London. I'm not sure what it was but this was delicious. 10/10 recommend.
This is England's traditional streak and kidney pie. It was pretty good despite how messy it was but worth it. I'd recommend 9/10.
These are really disgusting but made for a quality picture although it took us two hours to find this place. These are definitely not as good as they look. 10/10 picture but 3/10 taste.

BLT Baguette

This was alright. The scenery was pretty cool while I ate this on a picnic bench in Paris. 8/10 recommend.

Creme Brûlée

This was pretty good.
I don't know what was in this but it was the best speghetti I've ever had. 10/10 recommend.
This was basically a salad on top of a pizza which was kind of good.

"American Pizza"

I don't know who thought of this recipe but it was gross. Probably the worst meal in Rome. I admire the creativity so I'd give it a 3/10.

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