Abracadabra By HP Newquist

Abracadabra is a book about magic through the ages, how it got increasingly more complicated, and the worlds most well known magicians.

Setting: Through Out History, Every Where

Copyright date: November 17th, 2015

In this book it talks about one of Houdini's biggest and best trick. Houdini is performing in a hippodrome (a large arena) and he brings in a massive elephant and guides it into a large wooden wagon. Houdini closes the door to the wagon, seconds later he opens the door to show the thousands of people around him that the elephant, had disappeared completely. To this day still nobody knows how he did this unbelievable trick.

Another, and more recent Magician is David Blaine. Blaine was born in 1973, in New York. He was mainly a street magician until 1999 he decided to focus on dangerous stunts instead of tricks. One of his most famous stunts is being frozen in a massive block of glacier ice for 63 hours and 42 minutes. He was cut out by a large chainsaw and was taken to the hostpital after going into shock. Blaine still does street magic and even card tricks every once and a while.

Abracadabra tells about Endurance artists, and how they train for months for even the smallest stunts. I thought the most interesting type of Endurance artist was everything eating. This is where magicians eat live animals, usually frogs or fish.

One of many how to's in the book are the levitation trick. The Levitation trick is done with a platform with somebody laying on it, it is suspended in the air by what the audience thinks are just sawhorses, but what the audience can't see is a metal bar connected to the part of the platform facing away from the audience, that metal bar is connected to a pole behind the curtain. The magician pulls out the saw horses from underneath the platform to the illusion that it is floating, but really it is being held in the air but the hidden metal bar.

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