Russian history 20th and 21st century history of russia

In the 1900's Russian revolution which was led by Vladmir Lenin was becoming a big conflict. In 1917, two revolutions swept through Russia, ending centuries of rule.

By 1917, most Russians had lost faith in the leadership ability of Czar Nicholas II. Government corruption was rampant, the Russian economy remained backward.

After the overthrow of Czar Nicholas II, Vladmir Lenin installed provisional government was itself overthrown by the more radical Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924). It was ruled by a single party–the Communist Party–that demanded the allegiance of every Russian citizen.

From this population map i can con conclude that most people live a the western border of the Soviet Union. From this population map i can also conclude that most citizens live close to the capital of the Soviet Union.

From this picture i can conclude that most citizens live on the western side of Russia. I know this because in the side of Russia their are mountains.


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