Revolutions in Technology By: Molly Crider

Past: The Industrial Revolution


Agriculture Revoltution

As tools in agriculture improved, so did people's health. They also got more and better food.

Population Growth

The population grew aggressively. They needed higher demand of goods, so they had to be more efficient.

New Technology

Coal and iron were being newly discovered and they're helpful in creating inventions.

Technological Developments

Steam Engines

This is one of the many things that coal was used for, they used coal and put it into steam machines which made energy.


Trains were a technological advancement because they made it much easier for people to get around.


The textile industry got more innovative because they could make fabric faster and more efficiently.

Positive And Negative Effects On Society


-Better medical technology

-People made more money

-Higher demand for goods



-Polluted air

-Child labor

Present: The Digital Revolution


The Birth Of Social Media

Social media started small with sights like MySpace and Facebook.

Finding New Research

Yahoo and Bing used to be the way to search things or send emails.

Mobile Cell Phones

Mobile phones started out small and unbrakeable. They made it easier to communicate and to keep in touch without being with the person.

Technological Advancements


iPhones are a much better than the mobile phones that we had before. They can do much more and are are updated often.

"57% of internet users are in developing countries."

Social Media

Everyone seems to revolve around social media now a days. Everyone cares about how many likes they get.

"Their innovations have change the way we interact with technology, bringing it into every sphere of our lives."

Positive And Negitive Effects On Society


- Easier communication

-Research is at hand

- Updates are available when there is an issue


- Hacking

- Expensive to keep up with new phones coming out

- People talk more on the phone than in person

Future:The Transpotation Revolution



Although having a car that would drive itself would be cool, it is very expensive. And most people would still have a car they had to drive.

Safety Issues

If the car malfunctions as it's in motion we aren't sure what would happen or how to fix it.

Freedom Or Fun?

Some people say that driverless cars will be less fun because they enjoy driving.

Technological Advances

Advanced Human Productivity

We will be able to get more work or school work when driving, people won't be so cramped up with work.

"We could take 4.5 million trips around the world as we are just sitting there on our phone."

Lower Fuel Consumption

If we do get self driving cars, they will be ableto tell what's going to happen before it does so there will be less gas used because we aren't going to have a stop start motion.

"The car thanks one step ahead, therefore less gas would be used."

Higher Speed Limits

Self driving cars would make it so we had less accidents so they could increase the speed limit.

Positive And Negitive Effects On Our Society


- Less accidents (81% caused by humans)

- Less distractions while driving

- Less drunk driving/ DUI incidents


- Technology malfunction

- Not sure how the car would react to an accident

- Not sure how car would react to traffic directed by a person

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