Gnomes Folktale

Characters: Gnomes their treasure and the animals the snatch

Origin: Gnomes first appeared in the oral tradition of Northern European folklore, and so it is difficult to pinpoint their exact origins.

Plot Summary: In the sixteenth century, the Swiss alchemist Paracelsus popularized the gnome when he declared them to be the most important of the elemental spirits. In his view, gnomes represented the earth, specifically stone and minerals, and possessed the supernatural energies associated within these materials. The Gnomes would protect there treasure but if capture they would give you there treasure.

Symbols and Archetypes: Gnomes represent earth spirit trying to protect it and its treasures they are the most important spiritual element in my of others cultures.

Meaning of the folktale: There is no meaning the people would just see disfigured humanoids shorter than the average human and live underground and steal there livestock.

Significance: They are passed on by generations because they are known as earth spirits. There are also some that are thief and steal animals off of farms.


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