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“success and failure”

Mr Myles Hogarty

Tena Koutou Katoa, Talofa Lava, Kia Orana, Ni Sa Bula, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Malo e Lelei, Greetings.

“Take care not to be discouraged by failings and disappointments, life is full of them”.

Letter 102: John Baptist De La Salle

This quote comes from a Letter that our Founder wrote to his Lasallian Teaching Brothers in 1680.

France at the time was plagued by poor hygiene, food was scarce, living conditions were crowded and sadly education was reserved only for the noble and rich, the young Catholic children of this period were denied any form of education.

It was De La Salle’s vision and mission to provide an education for these young Catholic students as this would lift them out of the cycle of poverty and hopelessness that they were previously destined for.

De La Salle’s teachers often despaired at the enormity of the task they faced in educating their students and often felt like giving up and walking away from this mission, hence the encouraging letter of support he sent them.

At our College Assembly each week I speak to our young men about resilience and “bouncing back”, using our Founders example.

Young men will face failings and disappointments as a normal part of their teenage life and how they deal with these adds to their resilience and character.

While our priority as a College is to acknowledge and congratulate our students for achieving notable success, it is also our role as educators to help them deal with failure, losses and disappointment which are part of life.

So how can we approach this:

School Assesments - What if my mark is not as good as I expected?

Solution: Talk with my Teacher about where I went wrong. Study more. Attend a Tuition class at school.

Sports Team - What if I am not picked in the A side?

Solution: Train harder in the pre-season. Practice my skills in the backyard. Play even harder for the “B” team.

Music - What if I am having difficulty learning my instrument?

Solution: Practise harder each night. Get some help from the College Music teacher.

Home Life - What if I am not getting my own way at home?

Solution: Assist more at home to make my parents lives easier. Help more with my brothers and sisters. Accept the decisions of my parents.

While many of these solutions don’t fit into a young man’s desire for instant gratification and a quick-fix solution, it is very important that they understand that difficulties are not always re-solved instantly and the benefits of delayed gratification, due to their own hard work, perseverance and determination will benefit their resilience in the long term.

The Olympics are providing many examples of success, failings, joy and disappointment.

The lessons that young men should take from the successes of the athletes is that success requires a lot of hard work and overcoming disappointment along the way.

Yes, at times and under pressure things do not always go the way that you would like them to and feeling disappointment is understandable. However, quitting and laying the blame for your poor performance on someone or something else only serves to destroy resilience and hardly builds that store of determination and zeal.

Term 3 has started well our Senior students are in their last full term of the year and there is a very clear focus on meeting Academic targets for these young men. I thank all of our Parents who met with their son’s teacher for our Academic Counselling meetings on Wednesday, giving emphasis to the College philosophy that the education of our young men is indeed a “partnership” between home and the College.

Late last Term, the students and Staff attended presentations from John Parsons, a New Zealand expert on Cyber Safety and the dangers of Cyber Bullying.

A key statistic that he gave was that schools that had stopped allowing the use of mobile phones in class teaching time showed far more settled and focused students in class.

At De La Salle, mobile phones are not allowed to be used in class for any reason.

Phones must be turned OFF and left in a student’s school bag during class. Students using phones in any teaching times will have their phone confiscated by staff. Parents will be contacted to come and collect their son’s phone from the Year Level Dean.

To be honest, there is no reason why a student at De La Salle needs to have a phone with them at school.

College Principal

God Bless

associate principal

Mr Dermot English

"Outside the Bubble"

Have you ever got in the car in the weekend and without thinking started driving to work? Our brains form pathways of habit that we follow without having to think. This is often a good thing as it can reduce stress, but sometimes we need to break out of our normal pattern, so that new pathways are formed. Last week I travelled to the South Island with 13 boys who all gained Excellence Endorsement in Level 2 last year. This is an incentive and reward trip, an incentive for those thinking about making the effort to get Excellence, and a reward for those who do.

We flew to Dunedin where we were hosted for a night by families from Kavanagh College. The next day we visited the Pacific Students Association at Otago Uni, a student flat, then Cumberland College, a student hostel run by Ziggy Lesa, old boy from 1984. We were addressed by Leroy Filia, an old-boy from 2018, who gave the boys great advice about how to survive outside of South Auckland.

We went down to Dipton in Southland to my family farm, to see how New Zealand’s bills get paid, and how people live in rural NZ, then up to Queenstown for 2 nights. The boys got to do some of the tourist activities and to see one of the most beautiful places in NZ. I would like to thank Matthew Apuda, Johnnie Timu, Amanda Chapman and of course the boys, for a very enjoyable trip

Staff & students on English Rd, Dipton

Creating habits is a good thing, but sometimes breaking them is what is needed so we can have new experiences and pathways in our brain. We can do that by getting outside our bubble. You can view more photos through this link


Deputy Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Option Selection for 2022

De La Salle College has started planning for 2022. Many of you will have started the conversation about options and course selection at this week’s Academic Counselling meeting with your son’s Homeroom Teacher. You can also get more information at upcoming Parent Partnership meetings.

Students in Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 need to select their Options for 2022. Student option choices will close at the start of Week 9 Term 3 - Monday 20th September.

Student Option Selection should be accessed through the KAMAR Portal http://parent.delasalle.school.nz. Once logged in, select the link Option Selection 2022. You can make changes and save as many times as you like on the KAMAR Portal up to Monday, September 20. The Option booklets can be found on the school website under the Academic section – Subject Selection. Options can also be completed by returning the form at the back of the Option booklet and returned to your son’s homeroom teacher.

If there are any other subjects that you would like to see at De La Salle College, we would also like to know. The key principle at De La Salle College is that the curriculum is driven by the needs of our students.

When selecting subjects for 2022, students need to be asking the following questions:

  • What subjects do I [or would I] enjoy?
  • Where can this subject lead me to?
  • What are my chances of success in these subjects?
  • What qualifications do I need for the study or work that I hope to do when I leave school?
  • Have I discussed my choices with my parents, career advisors and teachers?

Please feel free to contact the school directly if you wish to discuss your son's options further. You can contact your son’s Homeroom teacher and/or Dean, the Careers Advisor or me at telephone: 09 276 4319 ext 882, email: doylep@delasalle.school.nz


Deputy Principal - Mr Elton Charles

Academic Counselling

Wednesday 4 August

Academic Counselling was an extremely successful day with the majority of both students and parents walking away from the interviews informed and with new insights.


Assistant Principal for Mission - Mr Kane Raukura

Dear Lasallians, families and friends of the College, welcome back to Term Three and what will be a busy next few weeks… final winter matches with sport, senior students sprinting towards the finish line (our prelims exams are in just 8 weeks!) and the college will be having its ‘Special Character Review’ with the Catholic Diocese of Auckland. Since our last newsletter, so many wonderful and uplifting events have occurred! It is wonderful to see the passion and enthusiasm that staff and students have for our faith, our charism and the colleges special character. I sincerely thank every staff member and student who contributes in any way, your witness is an example to the entire community.

1. The following service opportunities for our students occurred since Term Two!

  • i. Students involved with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society – Young Vinnies, volunteered cooking service on numerous occasions.
  • ii. Manukau Rovers assistance
  • iii. School Lunches
  • iv. Niu FM service
  • v. Caritas collection and volunteers
  • vi. Red Cross collection and volunteers

2. The Sacramental Programme continues and has been strongly supported by students and parents which is very encouraging. The total number of students enrolled now rests at 24 who are committed and fully attending.

3. Feeder School Retreats for Years 5 and 6 have also continued. Saint Joseph’s Otahuhu wrapped up the term and the students who attended were delighted with their day. DLS students who were old boys of Saint Josephs’s assisted and this was much appreciated by the St. Joseph’s staff who attended and they appreciated the thoughtfulness and the link.

4. Chapel – Wall behind the altar. Action completed. I am very pleased with the result. A connection to NZ, God and the beauty of creation.

5. DLS Careers Evening June 30th – a very successful religious vocations stand with two Priests from the Catholic Seminary of Auckland’s Formation Team plus Brothers Pat, Mark and Jack in attendance.

6. Staff Spirituality Day July 9th – an amazing final ‘teachers only day’ for Term Two. This year the staff focussed on two key aspects.

  • i. Maori Spirituality led by our guest speaker Mr Manual Beazley. Core ideas around the Maori creation story and its resounding echoes with the Christian creation story were shared. As well as elements of tikanga Maori around ‘Tapu and Mana and Pono, Tika and Aroha’.
  • ii. The Rosary. As a intimate part of who we are as Catholics. The Rosary was unpacked with the assistance of our second guest speaker Mr Craig Franswah from Sanctus Rosaries. The second part of his session culminated with the staff creating their own Rosaries which will be gifted to the Year 13 Graduating Class of 2021.
  • iii. The day began with the staff reflecting the following idea… that we all ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. Each staff member kindly supplied a picture of their giant and the morning reflection and prayer was based on this. It really touched peoples hearts and the feedback was very positive.

The entire day was a wonderful celebration of tikanga, catholic values and staff roots, togetherness and family.

7. College Bibles for RE Faculty. After discussion with the Principal, new Bibles and YOUCAT’s were secured for the RE Faculty. This late unbudgeted request was not expected and I sincerely thank the Principal for his swift action and support getting this urgent requirement underway promptly. It is sincerely appreciated.

Looking ahead…

  1. Chapel Garden tidy up. School student worker-bee being organised. Still to occur.
  2. DLS Statue (deep clean) – a project for this term.
  3. Stations of the Cross alongside the Chapel – a project for the Term Three / Four.
  4. Installation of new prayer corner shelves in all classrooms – a further update to occur after the T2/T3 Break.
  5. Training for Liturgy with RE Faculty – to be booked Term Three.
  6. DLS Catholic Character Review Auckland Diocese (Wednesday 25th August to Friday 27th August).
  7. Kairos #8 - 17-19th September @ Chosen Valley Christian Camp.


Oh Lord, I pray for all those in academic studies, in this new school term. I place them before You right now because beginning a term is not easy. Especially with examinations and tests looming. But I know that with You they will succeed. They will succeed because You are with them and You can give them the desires of their heart if they delight in You. I pray against any distractions so that they can be focused to do well like You want them to, Amen.

God Bless, Mr Raukura

Assistant Principal for Mission

ict academy


Netsafe has created the Online Safety Parent Toolkit to get parents and whānau talking about online safety. As young people spend more time online, it’s important that parents and whānau can teach their child to have a safe online experience.

The Online Safety Parent Toolkit is a simple and practical seven-step framework to help parents with digital parenting in a rapidly changing world. The Parent Toolkit offers practical tips that will help you talk to your child about online safety. It includes:

  • Quickstarter tips for parents, whānau and young people
  • Information to enhance your digital parenting knowledge
  • Details about the online risks and challenges your child may face
  • Advice about how you can help your child

It’s important parents feel confident to have ongoing conversations with their child about their online activities, as these conversations have been proven to minimise the harm that can occur if things do go wrong online.

Click on the links below to download resources written in English, Te Reo, Tongan and Samoan languages.

Online Parent Toolkit https://www.netsafe.org.nz/parenttoolkit/

BYOD Advice from Netsafe https://www.netsafe.org.nz/byod/

literacy centre

epeleli kaihau

by Year 10 Dean, Mr D'Souza

Year 10 student Epeleli Kaihau. Read about Epe's story here

Journalist, Troels Summerville from stuff.co.nz wrote a wonderful article on Epe that explains his journey with brain cancer over the last few years.

It really highlights him as an amazing young man and how much of a fighter he is.

He has such an indomitable spirit and is always smiling.

I visited with him and took him and his family out for Hot Chocolates/Coffee one weekend morning.

Ben Mitchell from NZ tv drama Shortland Street came out to meet with Epe. So all the family came along and they had a great time sharing stories. Epe was looking a bit frail but as always his strong spirit shone through in his smile. Epe is currently undergoing another dose of chemotherapy so we are hopeful it will go well.

Epe and the Kaihau family alongside Mr D'Souza and actor Ben Mitchell from NZ tv drama Shortland Street

Epe has a couple of fun activities lined up. Hopefully he will be getting a ride in the Police Eagle helicopter which he is really looking forward to, as well as a ride in a jet boat.

Rugby New Zealand also suprised Epe and his entire family, a night out to Eden Park supporting the All Blacks vs Australia at the Bledisloe Cup rugby game this weekend. They thought of everything from parking to a few extra surprises to make the night a memorable one for the Kaihau family. Watch the surprise unfold below.

He is home for now so that is definitely a positive for him and his family.

Please keep him in your prayers.


Teacher in Charge - Mr Hakeagatoa

Triumph at Mathex as De La Salle host first Year 9 and 10 Mathematics Competition

De La Salle had the privilege of hosting the Southern Cluster Mathex Competition for the very first time. There were ten Year 9 teams from local high schools competing to be the top Mathex school. After 20 minutes of intense competition, De La Salle finished in first place. The Year 10 group followed with 11 teams competing for the top spot. Once again, De La Salle was able to snatch victory after another gruelling 20 minutes.

We would like to congratulate the following boys from the Year 9 winning group:

  • 1st Place: Albert Ezurike, Bruno Ta’ale, Inglis Tavu’i-Lemalie, Elijah Tia
  • 2nd Place: Isaac Ete-AhKen, Jordan Etei-Michael, Chisom Ochibulu, Zylis Taliulu

Congratulations also to the following Year 10 boys for coming first place: Liam Hakeagatoa, Jesse Dmello, and brothers Caesar and Lucius Yandall.

We would like to thank the Head of Mathematics Faculty, Mr Vailahi and the mathematic teachers for hosting the event.

Health Science Academy Perioperative Visit to Manukau Superclinic

by Mrs Spencer

On Monday 2 August, 23 Health Science Academy Students visited the Manukau Superclinic. The Perioperative Team opened their doors to give our students an exclusive insight into all of the different career opportunities available at Counties Manukau Health, with the many different health careers involved in a patients journey through the operative theatres and beyond.

careers corner

Careers Advisor - Mrs Fannon


This is a busy time for Scholarship applications, many of which close off at the end of this month. Please encourage your boys to spend time doing a quality application. Help is available every day in the careers room and our university representatives keep in good contact with our students. Scholarship information is kept up to date on the university websites and we encourage our students to actively research. This is also a great time for Year 12 students to be researching and planning for next year.

APPLICATIONS – our boys are doing an awesome job of getting their university and trades training applications in early. Although applications close later in the year, often courses fill up before this, so let’s keep encouraging our students to be proactive.


see the link for the AUT Open Day on Saturday August 28, and register now: www.aut.ac.nz/live

University of Auckland Open Day is on the same day. All of our students who plan on going to university next year need to attend this day to plan for their future studies.

Register here for the University of Auckland Open Day


There are part time and full time job opportunities available to our students who have a current CV. Please contact Ms Fannon if you are interested in full time work in Manufacturing – day and night shifts available.

De La Salle Sport


Teacher in Charge - Mr D Kumar

Our 1st XI football team displayed some good football skills and teamwork against a strong Rosehill College side in a quarter final match for Counties Manukau Championship. They were unable to come out victorious and went down to the home side by 2 goals. Despite the loss, a greater teams spirit was evident amongst our boys. Special thanks to the captains Adeley and Lucia.


Year 13 Dean, Mr Hurst

Year 13 Ball

This year the Year 13 ball was held at Mount Smart Stadium. The theme was The La Salle Oscars. A great night was had by all and the feedback from the venue was incredibly positive in regard to our student's attitude and behavior.

I would like to thank Miss Phillips, Miss Tanuvasa, the ball committee and also many other staff and students who contributed significant time in planning and organizing such a successful event. Thanks to Mrs Sale and Mrs Leau for their assistance and support, much appreciated.

Awards and winners

  • King - Raen Iakimo (13TUI)
  • Queen – Maia Makakona (Southern Cross Campus)
  • Best dressed male – Raseli Maelega (13HOB)
  • Best dressed female - Ayva Niko (Mount Albert Grammar)
  • Best dancer male - Faronc'e Tuimauga (13GAN)
  • Best dancer female - Alini Finau (Epsom Girls)
  • Best Glo Up - Matai Kalolo (13HWK)
  • Cutest couple - Soane Katoa (13LIN) & Sia (McAuley)
  • Year 13 Homeroom Teacher of the Year - Johnny Rex
Ball King- Raen Iakimo and partner
Year 13 Homeroom Teacher of the Year- Mr Rex (right)
L-R Mrs Lusa, Whaea Michelle, Mrs Sale and Mrs Leau. Thanks to Mrs Sale and Mrs Leau for their assistance and support
Mr Wendt, Ms Gani, Miss Puleiku
Year 13 Homeroom Teachers


Open to all Year 11-13 Art students
Open to all Year 7 - 10 students


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