The Evolution of Jazz Improvisation From Childhood N.o. to adulthood Hard bop

Birth in New Orleans

Collective Improvisation

  • Improvisation is imbedded in the music.
  • Collective Improvisation reflects the mixed cultures in New Orleans.
First Great Soloist

Amstrong's Contribution

  • Chordal improvisation
  • "Melody, Improvised Solo, Melody" form

Duke Ellington's improvisation through arrangement

Precise horn backgrounds during solos.

Jazz began to solidify as an official genre of art; people came to watch jazz concerts.

Bebop: The Young Adulthood of Improvisation

Wild and Frantic Melodic extensions

However, Bebop's difficulty in both playing and listening led to an experimental age in jazz.

Hard Bop

Matured Bebop and Traditional jazz improvisation concepts Combined

Final Notes:

  • Jazz Improvisation and jazz music in general grow together (improv is the heart and soul of jazz)
  • Each development of jazz improvisation affected both the culture and the direction of jazz music.
  • While Fusion is the "newest" form of jazz, Hard Bop is the modern language of all jazz improvisation.

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