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Live from Houston, Texas, Space Kiddettes invite you to jump around with them to the galaxy's hottest new wave jams. Four-time finalist for OutSmart Magazine's Gayest and Greatest Local Band and listed as one of the "8 LGBTQ+ Local Artists You Should Know" these space-brained delinquents mix pop culture sound bytes, onstage banter, and pop sensibility in the ultimate tribute to being strange. Their debut EP was included in the Houston Chronicle's 2017 List of Most Anticipated Local Releases and their 2018 E.P. "DOMESTIC ADVENTURES" was named one of the "Best Houston Albums of 2018." Space Kiddettes' debut E.P. LIVINGSPACE//HEADSPACE chronicles the drama of love and Scary Boys and their sophomore E.P. DOMESTIC ADVENTURES is the tale of suburban kids trapt in the monotonous cycle fighting to break out of the future that's been set out for them and the expectations of their surroundings by using their imagination and finding their chosen family. Besides their music, they also have a weekly podcast called SPACE CASE where they aim to solve the mysteries plaguing their personal lives and sometimes real mysteries as well. They also participate in community programming with local LGBTQIA+ organizations such as HRC Houston, The Montrose Center, and Houston Pride, collaborations with the Houston Public Library promoting literacy, diversity, and inclusion in the community, and arts and humanity related organizations such as Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and the Rothko Chapel. Their latest release DEADSPACE featuring the singles Shine a Light feat. Kam Franklin, Scary Boy, and P.S.A. feat. STOO is available now on all major platforms.


Released 11/22/19

On this release, you'll find female and queer artists who have made a name for themselves in their respective styles and sounds. Tee Vee brings her ethereal and dream-pop sound to the playful and bright "Speak Out," Hank Honey's swaggering and sexy production blends with wavy synths and rhythmic vocals on "CYCLE," Biting lyricism and STOO's cheeky bars collide on the energetic electro-pop anthem "P.S.A," and the Gulf-Coast soul of Kam Franklin meets Space City synth-pop in the dance-floor ready track "Shine a Light." These collaborations are intertwined with Space Kiddettes' fan favorites like "Burn Down the Disco" and "Scary Boy" and brand new songs "Buggin" and "Don't Call Me." These tracks are all book ended with a dark tech-house remix of "Square," the opening track from Domestic Adventures, by Houston underground DJ and producer Kirrrby.

"Space Kiddettes just took a big step forward in their sonic evolution[...] Recalling British Hi-NRG and new wave acts like Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Bronski Beat, the production work is solid and exciting. The highlight comes via "Shine a Light," featuring The Suffers' frontwoman Kam Franklin, a dancefloor banger straight from 1985 London. Highly recommended." - Johnston Farrow of Houston Culturemap

Domestic Adventures E.P.

Released: 11/2/18

Written and Produced by Space Kiddettes

Mixed and Mastered by John Allen Stephens at Third Coast Recording Studio

#8 Houston Chronicle's "Best Houston Albums of 2018"

Spectrum South's Best Queer Music of 2018

"An artistic leap forward in every conceivable way, from songwriting to performance to production to just straight up confidence. "Square", "Plain", and "OutRun" are the real stars, from the Coyote Bloodbath spoken word section bleeding into the punk-style bridge in "Square", to the downtrodden verses leading into cascading synth choruses in "Plain" and pulsing laser leads in "OutRun"- Under the Counter Tapes

"Their playful banter extends into Space Kiddettes’ candy-coated yet angsty synth-pop tunes. 'Domestic Adventures' is a confetti-splattered delight that delves into meaty material through their lyrics, often sung in unison on the album. The anxiety-ridden lyrics of the band’s standout track, “Low Impact Aerobics" is a sentiment to which many millennials can relate." - Daniel Renfrow of Houston Citybook

"With Domestic Adventures, Space Kiddettes cultivate an environment that evokes surrealist 90’s cyber sci-fi. The combination of synth, chiptunes, and vocals collaborate to give the album that cheesy but still endearing aesthetic. They play around with a lot of different facets of it too, and I found myself pleasantly surprised by their artistic choices more than once"- Maggie from The Family Reviews

“P.S.A.” explores the propaganda and fear-mongering tactics perpetuated by public service announcements from the 80s and 90s. Lyrics from the track discuss how these messages are reflected in today’s day and age through hateful rhetoric and divisive actions." - Lourdes Zavatala of Outsmart Magazine
On "PROCESS Ü":"Catchy, energetic, and synth driven, PROCESS U takes what you know about modern electro-pop and adds notes from acts like Yazoo and The Human League" - David Garrick of HOUSTON PRESS
on "Low Impact Aerobics": "The song has an uplifting, crystalline-synth sound that reminds the listener of artists such as Devo, Duran Duran, and Erasure. An updated spin on Jane Fonda, at-home workout VHS tapes, the music video captures the campy, inspirational smiles, “blood, sweat, and tears” that can be seen in Netflix’s Original Series GLOW...” - About Magazine
On "PLain": "This song exemplifies the witty, tongue-in-cheek humor surrounding the celebration of suburban monotony that defines the Space Kiddettes’ album 'Domestic Adventures.' Deep synth beats glue together the cry-out lines and celestial choruses. It makes you want to purse your lips, shimmy your shoulders, and own the fact that you drive a sedan and can’t remember your spouse’s name." - Barrett White for Spectrum South


SPACE CASE PODCAST - A Cosmically Crazy Weekly Podcast w/ Space Kiddettes


DOMESTIC ADVENTURES: The Series - This full length web series continues the narrative of the latest E.P. of the same name and the music video trilogy that followed. This series is set to be produced by Space Kiddettes in partnership with the Houston Film Commission. The project is currently in pre-production and set to film July 2019.

"Outside of Austin" Documentary: Space Kiddettes are one of the subjects of the Houston based documentary "Outside of Austin" which dives into the local DIY and indie scene in the city. It's currently filming and is set to wrap by the end of 2019 with slated distribution via Netflix and Hulu. It was most recently mentioned in the Houston City Book Music Issue.

"Bathtime Fun Productions": In 2019, Space Kiddettes have been producing their own shows and lineups locally in Houston under the production name "Bathtime Fun Productions." After their E.P. release show in November, they now use their resources to curate inclusive and diverse lineups with local, regional, and national talent featuring a wide variety of genres. The first endeavor under this moniker was a Spring Break/SXSW bash at PEARL BAR featuring Dorian Electra and Umru. Latest lineups: STOO in "Supersuit": The Presentation LIVE in Houston 7/13Slayyyter w/ Robokid LIVE in Houston 7/24

Space Kiddettes Variety Show and Pearl Bar Monthly Residency: Currently in rotation, Space Kiddettes have a monthly variety show at the Secret Group. With the title "Non-Stop Ironic Cabaret: a Cosmically Crazy Variety Show starring Space Kiddettes" they bring music, comedy, drag, performance art, and dance together once a month in a rambunctious live show complete with special guests and audience activities. They also have a monthly residency at Houston's premiere women's bar, Pearl Bar Houston, curating and hosting a lineup of queer talent called Abundantly Queer.


In a live performance, Space Kiddettes engage the audience with theatrical prowess and awareness, energetic vocals and musicianship, and a carefree yet thought provoking attitude. Closed Captioned magazine states "There’s plenty of pop music coming out daily, most of which is from acts that are forgettable. When you see electro-pop duo Space Kiddettes perform in their matching jumpers, their performances are the kind that you won’t soon forget. With more energy than some punk bands, the two piece really sets themselves apart from what most electronic artists are doing today." Please consider Space Kiddettes for booking dates by emailing spacekiddettes@gmail.com

Upcoming Performances:

12/14/19 DEADSPACE Release In-Store Performance at Cactus Music

12/15/19 An Abundantly Queer Christmas LIVE! at Pearl Bar Houston

12/18/19 Non-Stop Ironic Cabaret: A Cosmically Crazy Variety Show starring Space Kiddettes - The Christmas Special at The Secret Group

Venues played:

El Mercado Backstage (Austin, Texas)

Cheer Up Charlie's (Austin, Texas)

Sahara Lounge (Austin, Texas)

Satellite Bar

Alley Kat


The Nook Cafe

Leon's Lounge


PEARL Bar Houston

TC's Show Bar

The NASA (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Hybrid Records (Corpus Christi, Texas)

The Ritz Theater (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Super Happy Fun Land

Michael's Outpost

The Secret Group (Neo Benshi, Music Monday Showcase)

The Rec Room


Joke Joint Comedy Showcase

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Spruce Goose Social Flyers Club

White Oak Music Hall

Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge

Rudyard's Pub

Foundation Room at House of Blues Houston

The Continental Club Houston

Special Events:

Magical Girl Day 2017 (Houston, Texas)

CC Pride Downtown 2017 Official Performer (Corpus Christi, Texas)

Nerd Love Podcast presents MIZUCON (Houston, Texas)

The Roxxy Haze Show Premiere @ The Joke Joint Comedy Showcase (Houston, Texas)

Electro Heights Music Showcase presented by Royal Raccoon Records at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Roxxy Haze Presents THE OUTSIDERS Variety Show (Houston, Texas)

HAVENCON 4: A COSMIC JOURNEY 2018 Official Panelists and Presenters (Austin, Texas)

COMICPALOOZA 2018 Official Panelists and Podcast Partners (Houston, Texas)

A-KON 2018 Official Performers (Ft. Worth, Texas)

CC PRIDE 2018 Official Performers (Corpus Christi, Texas)

SXSW: Secret Soup Records Unofficial SXSW Showcase at Sahara Lounge (Austin, Texas)

SXSW: BossBabes ATX and P1nkstar present: CYBERBABES SXSW Queer Showcase at Cheer Up Charlies (Austin, Texas)

SXSW: B0ysim and SOBBRS present: "Termina" an Unofficial SXSW Pop Party (Austin, Texas)

"Space Kiddettes are like... nerdy 8-bit Mates of State lo-fi electro college drop out pop music" - Coog Radio at the University of Houston
"Space Kiddettes boasted "Saturday Night Live"-style self-awareness and '80s vibes. They also proved surprisingly poignant..." - Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle Arts & Entertainment
"Dance and laugh along to the upbeat tempos, Lira’s sassy one-liners, and Will’s hysterically deadpan humor. If you’re looking for a night of pure, unabashed fun, watching two performers so invested in their craft, you better sashay right into the next Space Kiddettes concert." - Barrett White of Outsmart Magazine and Spectrum South
"Twinkly melodies, robotic vocals, and catchy as a runaway fire lyrics, this collection of tunes is packed with swaggering beats and synth driven jams. LIVINGSPACE//HEADSPACE will lure you to the dancefloor well enough!" -Diamond Deposits
"Pop is the new punk in Houston! [Space Kiddettes] are out here recording, collaborating, and putting on shows with the exact same energy and gusto as the punk scene 20+ years ago! They're out here showing everyone that you don't need large record deals, stadium tours, and multiple producers to make great pop music. You can be exactly who you want to be today, whether you play pop OR punk!" -SPlatterbooth studios



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